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Top 10 good tips for students

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Written by Clara Acena

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes many students every year. The majority of students are most often from Erasmus and come from all over the world. The Catalan capital is, in fact, an ideal place for a student who has come to spend a whole year studying or celebrating (let’s not hide it).

Today ShBarcelona shares its good tips with Erasmus students who regularly arrive in Barcelona, in order to enjoy this magical city in all its forms and above all, without spending too much.

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To have a drink

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Photo via Pixabay

Feel free to go to La Rosa Negra on Via Laietana, 46 because the atmosphere is always festive in this Mexican bar-restaurant. In addition, the decoration is original and cocktails are cheap! So it’s a good plan for sure.

La Rosa Negra is a bar very popular among young people, which offers good beers, cocktails, mojitos, margaritas, sangria from 3.50 euros and excellent Mexican dishes, with daily menus at 9 euros, drink included.

Let’s continue with the Lime House, same concept as Rosa Negra.

Located on Carrer dels Carders, 31, this bar also offers cocktails from 3.50 euros, tapas at very reasonable prices or hamburgers, nachos… Very popular among young people and students, you can only spend a pleasant time and meet other students of different nationalities. We can also mention the Cyrano on Carrer d’Aribau, 154.

A perfect place to go out for a drink at a lower cost. Order your whisky and coca for 3 euros or a redbull vodka for only 4 euros… But that’s not all: you can help yourself! That is to say, in this bar, you are left to fill your glass yourself with the amount of alcohol you want. You are also offered popcorn to snack on and when you leave the bar, a shot and a small bottle of water.

To eat

The Spanish chain 100 montaditos has an original concept because it offers mini sandwiches, mixed salads, bacon fries, small sausages for less than 3 euros! Here, it’s good, simple and fast. In conclusion: perfect for students.

Please note that on Wednesdays and Sundays, everything is at €1. At Nostrum, prices vary from €1 to €6 and if you buy the customer card, prices will not exceed €4. The quality/price ratio is excellent.

Finally, in the cheap places to eat, we can also mention the Estudiantil bar located in the heart of the Plaza Universitat in l’Eixample  where we find the main campus of the University of Barcelona. This student bar offers tapas, meals, drinks for student budgets. On all campuses, you will see bars that have been designed to allow students to have a meal and a drink after class, with a Spanish atmosphere!

To go out

young women going out

Photo via Pixabay

In Barcelona, you can go out to a nightclub without spending a single penny: this is the magic of “lists”. Several discotheques are in favour of this principle, which is easy and effective. All you have to do is find the list corresponding to the evening you want to go to and register, specifying the number of people accompanying you.

It looks like this: Dupont +5 (if you are 6 people, for example). Nightclubs in Villa olimpica where admission is often free are very popular among young people. Erasmus special evenings are also a very good choice for going out.

Moreover, they are often organized by students who know what you are looking for… They will certainly make you experience your best student evenings. To do this, stay connected to social networks and check with your university so you don’t miss a single evening!

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To visit the city

New Barcelona Tours offers you a two and a half hour tour, walking, by bike, with guides, equipped with a touch of humour to spend a good time getting to know the city, and all for FREE.

You will therefore discover the city of Barcelona in good company and pass through all the city’s must-see places such as: Barcelona Cathedral, the historic Port Vell, the Gothic Quarter… Valid for one year, Articket is a pass worth around 58 euros but which is sold for 30 euros.

It allows you to visit the 6 most emblematic museums in Barcelona. A rather profitable and very interesting alternative if you are a fan of art. In the good bonus tips, we also recommend you to hunt for flyers in the evening on the Ramblas or on the Barceloneta. Often, they offer free admission to discos, discounts in restaurants or bars, discounts for cultural visits…

What do you think of these good plans? Do you have any others to share?

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