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080 Barcelona Fashion 2013

Written by Adriana

Although the title of this article may seem a bit cryptic with so many numbers on it, if you follow the latest fashion trends or you are a fan of catwalks and fashion designers, for sure you know what we are talking about here. You can go to the new building Disseny Hub Barcelona, at la plaza de las Glorias, one of the four days that 080 Barcelona Fashion last, where fashion designers and prestigious brands such as Mango, TCN, Josep Abril, Custo Barcelona among many other, show their autumn/winter 2013-14 collections. If you are spending a few days or a long term in Barcelona while enjoying one of the ShBarcelona rental apartments, don’t hesitate and get some tickets for the catwalks. Since yesterday, January the 28th until February the 1st organizers will try to beat the record of attendees from the 080 Barcelona Fashion last edition on July with a total of 18,757 people attending.

MANGO catwalk yesterday

It is already the eleventh edition of this event preceding the disappeared Gaudí Catwalk, therefore is a consolidated meeting in fashion and textile field. It enhances the creative talent, synergies between designers, businesses and industry, and the internationalization of fashion and Catalan design. In that sense, in the last edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion was presented the Llunàtics 080 Festival, a space for the creation of new business networks among designers, companies and technology centers. As part of this side event to the catwalk, they held conferences and meet ups with technological innovation experts related to textiles and fashion.

If you still don’t have any ticket or accreditation you can still get into the open area by sending an e-mail to

January 28th
Village 5pm  to 9pm
7.30pm Opening 11th edition 080 Barcelona Fashion
8.30pm Mango *
* Mango Cocktail 9pm
January 29th
All day from 10am to 9pm Village
All day Brand Business Shopping 10.30pm to 8.30pm
SOUTH 10.30pm
11.30pm Justice Ruano
Brain & Beast 12.30pm
1pm A piece of hairdressing history by Raffel Pages
CN 1.30pm
4pm Manuel Bolaño
Josep Abril 5pm
Jeanne Lanvin 5.30pm “Ses débuts à Barcelone”
6pm Celia Vela
Desigual 8.30pm *
January 30th
All day from 9.30am to 9pm Village
All day Brand Business Shopping 10.30am to 8.30pm
11am Katarina Grey
12am Jan Iú Més for POINT BLANK
1pm WHO
1.30pm Francina “Beyond Fashion”
4pm Miriam Ponsa
5pm Alexis Reyna
6pm zazo & brull
7pm Juan Pedro Lopez
8pm Schipper / Arques
Custo Barcelona * 9pm
080 Barcelona Fashion Festa 11.30pm *
January 31st
All Day Shopping BUSINESS BRAND 10.30am to 8.30pm
All day 080 Barcelona Fashion Summit
All day Village
10.30am Bóboli
Styling by Ingrid Valls CONDOR
11am Littlelia by Beth
11.30am Naulover
Styling by Juanmabyelcuco TORRAS
12.30pm Javier Simorra
SCORPIO 1.30pm Somavilla Styling by Selim
Designed by Núria 3.30pm Bisbal ALDOMARTINS
Styling by YERSE 4.30pm a-couple
6pm Tribute to Andres Sarda Creator
7pm Martinez Lierah
9pm ModaFAD
* Requires the brand’s invitation

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