Our long term rentals in Barcelona

Are you considering finding accommodation in Barcelona on a long-term basis or even for an indefinite period? Long term rental contracts in Barcelona are 3-year renewable contracts, with a minimum stay of 6 months to prevent penalization.

ShBarcelona's professional team is dedicated to long term rentals, and will support you throughout your contract1. We commit ourselves to providing a quality service and all the transparency required as part of your apartment search in order to simplify your project. Choosing a reputed real estate agency accompaniment in Barcelona, such as ShBarcelona, assures you a procedure without surprises and with more serenity through all your administrative processes.

Are you looking for a furnished or unfurnished apartment in Barcelona? Would you like to rent an attic apartment in the Eixample or Gràcia districts? Check our numerous offers by selecting your criteria in the long term rental page or send a message via our contact form.

Have you already settled in or recently arrived in Barcelona? Let us invite you to take a look at our travel blog dedicated to Barcelona where you will find our top restaurant choices, fun and cultural activities to do and so much more.

1 Only for apartments entirely managed by ShBarcelona, which represent 90% of the apartment portfolio. For further information, please consult a ShBarcelona long term rental advisor

You are planning to rent your property for an indefinite period? For more information on ShBarcelona Yearly rentals for owners, click here.


ShBarcelona offers accommodation in every district of Barcelona. There are endless choices for location in Barcelona, from the lively streets of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi to Gràcia's popular squares or even Eixample's majestic buildings.
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A quality service means establishing a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Indeed, ShBarcelona provides you with a unique and personal advisor to simplify every exchange with the company.
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Created in 2000, ShBarcelona is a member of Apartur, the Colegio Oficial de Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria (Official Association of Estate Agents) as well as the Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona (Property Administrators). All of these institutions endorse our management and expertise.
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Our team
Samuel Urribarri
Department Manager

Phone number: 934521347 +231
Cellphone number: 685747937
E-mail: surribarri@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Raul Briones
Key Account Manager

Phone number: 934521347 +232
Cellphone number: 676724893
E-mail: rbriones@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Elodie Caillaud
Key Account Officer

Phone number: 934521347 +235
Cellphone number: 648077620
E-mail: ecaillaud@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Victor Roures
Key Account Manager

Phone number: 934521347 +230
Cellphone number: 608433165
E-mail: vroures@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Jorge Martín
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347 +233
Cellphone number: 665960689
E-mail: jmartin@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Eric Masclans
Property Finder

Phone number: 934521347 +236
Cellphone number: 685512870
E-mail: emasclans@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Adrià Vilagrosa
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347 +234
Cellphone number: 681200469
E-mail: avilagrosa@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Cristina Sena
Administrative Officer

Phone number: 934521347 +235
E-mail: csena@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Jose Luis Blanco
Sales Representative

Phone number: 934521347+237
Cellphone number: 680923386
E-mail: jlblanco@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
Oriol Barajas
Sales Representative Assistant

Phone number: 934521347
Cellphone number: 605244161
E-mail: obarajas@shbarcelona.com

Office: Bailen 200, Barcelona
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