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General Services, essential for renting out your property without incidents

The team from the General Services department consists of experienced staff to ensure that your property is rented out without incidents. Our role is to take care of all procedures related to the maintenance and protection of the property for the landlord. This service is aimed at the comfort and well-being of both tenants as landlords, throughout the duration of the rental period. The team is always at the service of the landlord, and they provide the management for any holiday, short-term or long-term rental accommodation: cleaning of the apartment, maintenance of the installations and contingency management through the integrated insurance services of ShBarcelona. The team is in direct contact with other departments at ShBarcelona, to ensure that all necessary steps in different areas by our expert staff are taken rapidly and efficiently, and thus preventing the landlord of having to deal with this.

Care, maintenance and protection


The cleanliness and the general state of an apartment are very important for the comfort of every tenant, therefore General Services supplies integral and professional cleaning services by qualified and experienced personnel.

These professionals are true experts in cleanliness and tidiness. They are specialized in housekeeping and interior maintenance. Every room in the house has an exhaustive list of specific care, cleaning and maintenance tasks to be completed, and with meticulous attention every last detail is taken care of.

Maintenance services

Every type of property requires specific installation maintenance, regardless of the year of construction, in order to function properly upon the arrival and during the rental period of each tenant.

Our team of experienced technicians is responsible for the handling of any technical incident or any malfunctioning related to normal use of the residence. Our professionals will manage general maintenance, repairs, logistics, and the tracking and receiving of furniture or appliances that apartments may require.

Insurance services

At the request of our customers and with our constant objective of simplifying and facilitating procedures, ShBarcelona has chosen to provide insurance services in collaboration with Catalana Occidente, which cover in the event of a contingency.

ShBarcelona handles insurance issues directly from their offices, and customers do not have to take care of anything. Once the incident is discovered, the insurance expert at ShBarcelona offers an appropriate solution to the problem as soon as possible.
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