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Barcelona wine bar blog

Written by James

When looking for the best wine in Barcelona Spain it is often better to look at the Barcelona wine bar blogs to see what the latest and greatest wine bars have to offer. From an amazing apartment rental in Barcelona there are usually some great contenders within a short walking distance. Sample some of the best wines in the country from the luxury of a short walk and the side dish of amazing empanadas or tapas. Keeping on top of the best restaurants, wine bars and vistas in and around Barcelona are some of the best bloggers that keep up on the scene.

Forever Barcelona

wine This Barcelona wine bar blog offers not only a great article on some of the best wine bars in Barcelona but also provides some great travel tips for those visiting from abroad. First on their list is Mon Vinic, a wine bar actually listed as one of the best in the world by the Wall Street Journal. Not only does it have an amazing selection of wines in their cellar but they also have an attached research Center for wines. La Vinya del Senyor, although relatively tiny offers one of the best outdoor terraces and vistas within the Born district, besides of course an amazing selection of wines from the Rioja region. Now although this next selection is an actual wine store, Vila Viniteca, they offer on-site wine tasting while at the same time growing your own wine cellar. With the largest selection in Barcelona what can be better than trying before you buy.

Cata 1.81 another of the top selections for a wine bar simply because of its amazing food pairings with their great choice of wine selections. A designer restaurant with an amazing wine cellar can usually never be beat.

Cellar Tours

wine Another tour operator that offers one of the most poignant wine blogs on Barcelona’s great wine bar selections is Cellar Tours. As Barcelona sports the highest number of bars per capita in all of Europe it is no surprise that wine bars are huge portion of the allure of social drinking in Spain. Tourists and locals alike can spend time in their favorite wine bar and enjoy an evening of social camaraderie, excellent food and some of the best wine in the world, in a city that seems to never sleep. It also does not matter of the style that you are seeking as with thousands of wine bars to choose from they run the gamut in Barcelona from trendy to traditional. Cellar Tours opens their Barcelona wine bar blog with a review of The Bankers Bar at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. This great wine bar focuses on the best wines from around the world as well as here at home in Barcelona. It if you are looking for something a little more down to earth one of the best cava bar still packs in a crowd: El Xampanyet according to Cellar Tours.Whenever visiting, be sure to check out Barcelona’s wine bar blogs to ensure you have a great evening tasting some of the best Spanish food available paired with some of the regions finest wines. Afterwards a short walk back to your vacation rental in Barcelona will give you the perfect romantic evening.

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