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What Celebrity Crush Visited Barcelona In 2014

Find out What Celebrity Crush Visited Barcelona In 2014
Written by Allison

You’ll find that unlike other major cities when it comes to Barcelona celebrities tend to be able to get about without really being noticed. Certainly, when it comes to finding out what celebrity crush visited Barcelona in 2014 you’ll only find out they have when it gets reported in the papers.

Niall HoranThe importance of privacy

The reason for why so many celebrities who visit this amazing city tend not to get noticed is because the people of Barcelona understand the importance of privacy. Yes, you may see the likes of Robert Lamm or Cameron Diaz choosing to take a stroll around the city but what you’ll notice is that no one really makes an effort to engage with them. In fact, quite a lot of celebrities who have taken time out to visit the city say they love it so much because they are able to move around it more freely because they know they aren’t likely to be harassed.

However, this doesn’t apply to all celebrities who visit the city. Certainly, when One Direction arrived to perform then all hell seemed to break loose. But this seems to be about the norm where this group happens to be. It isn’t only pop and movie stars who love this city quite a few footballers do as well. Generally, most of those who play for FC Barcelona can move around it without any real issues. The same however cannot be said for Messi. As soon as he is spotted in Barcelona then the fans seem to appear from nowhere.

As Messi is a resident of Barcelona so the chances of seeing him are quite high. Generally, most people when visiting Barcelona don’t consider watching out for their own particular celebrity crush as they are too interested in all that this city has to offer.

Locations where you are more likely to spot celebrities

If you want to increase your chances however like others to discover what celebrity crush visited Barcelona in 2014 there are certain locations around the city where you are more likely to spot them. The first of these being, of course, the stadium where FC Barcelona play their matches. This year saw the likes of Niall Horan visiting the stadium when he chose to come to Barcelona in April.

Also later in the year Niall along with the rest of One Direction were spotted enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. But it isn’t only just One Direction who have had the opportunity to take time out from their busy schedules also spotted during the past few months have been Shakira and her husband Gerard Pique, Cameron Diaz and of course not forgetting Prince Felipe who visited Barcelona late in March with Princess Letizia just prior to him becoming King of Spain.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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