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Administrative procedures

What are the extraordinary labour measures for Covid-19?

Written by Anna

The Covid-19 crisis in Spain has brought another crisis: an economic crisis. Worldwide, we have entered a dark phase for the economy.

The paralysis of the population has meant that all sectors have been impacted on their production and management processes, and consequently, on their profits. In response to this situation, the Spanish government has had to take a series of urgent and extraordinary social and economic measures.

Do you want to improve your understanding of the Real Decreto Ley 8/2020 of March 17? Discover all you need to know in this article.

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Aim of the extraordinary measures taken by the Spanish Government

In response to this situation, the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security has made these proposals in order to:

  1. Protect the most vulnerable workers, families and groups
  2. Support business continuity
  3. Strengthen the fight against the spread of Coronavirus

What does Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 consist in?

Its structure consists of 5 chapters, 43 articles, 9 additional provisions, 3 transitional provisions, 10 final provisions and 1 annex. Below we summarize the most relevant information of the document.

Own image explotation

Own image explotation

What else does the Royal Decree say?

In addition to these measures, the following articles and resources talk about the labour and social adjustments that this new situation has required.

Wherever possible, homeworking will be carried out and flexible work hours will be put in place for all workers who have to reconcile work and family life.

The decree also takes into account the self-employed, who are granted an extraordinary benefit if they justify a loss of 75% over the last quarter.

On the other hand, it offers detailed information on the procedure that a company must follow when making the employment regulation files (ERTE) and what effects it will have on its workers.

It should be noted that all exceptional benefits during this period will not be counted or deducted from the regular unemployment benefit.

This information can be expanded by consulting the DRC in the  Boletín Oficial del Estado.

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