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Primavera Sound 2015: Let you inner child out and about

Written by Enrique

Parc del Forum

Barcelona never fails to deliver, from great food, to beautiful sights, to great music, this place truly has it all. During the last few years, great talent in the music industry has been developing from stage to stage. It is Spain’s turn to host some of the wildest most talented musicians of today’s sound. This year Primavera Sound is hosting some of the biggest block-buster’s Barcelona has ever seen. From Hip-Hop to experimental-electro pop, this year no one should miss this once in life time event.

An unforgettable experience

What will make this experience an unforgettable one, is how easy it is to plan your stay. With over 100 ways to book a hotel or a place from a week to a month’s stay, it has proven to be harder to leave than you expect. Barcelona offers a vast array of affordable to luxury lodging with all sorts of commodities all throughout the city. This increases the value of the experience, since you will not have to worry about parking or trying to find a meal after dancing around for twelve hours straight.

The venue will be fully stocked with wine, beer, spirits and delicious food. However, if interested, great delicacies are available on almost every street in Barcelona. It is safe to say, that no matter what kind of food you are into there will be no issue in trying to find a dish or meal that will satisfy anyone’s hunger, while simultaneously pleasing the palette. Traditional dishes like paella, with fresh sea food and sorted ingredients are just one of the reasons why it is easy to overeat. If there is still a little bit of room left for some mouth-watering desserts, the chocolate covered churros or to-die-for gelato are a definite recommendation.

Let’s not forget that the party begins May 28th with names that will be tearing the stage from the ground up. Artists like Alt-J, The Black Keys and Tori Amos will be breaking laws of physical sound with some of the noise they are about to bring. These artists amongst many others,  are traveling all throughout the world to rejoice and bask in the energy and positivity that music brings. Also, Spanish legends Las Ruinas, Les Sueques and Salvaje Montoya will be shredding alongside their die-hard fans. The musical talent that will be present for this Primavera Sound is more than enough of an argument to convince anyone that this is a “have-to-be-there” kind of show.

Barcelona is a phenomenal place to visit no matter what the occasion may be. However, this May will prove to anyone wandering about this beautiful Spanish land, that there is no better place to be than Barcelona. Having such a diverse list of things to visit and see, Barcelona could not have been a better place to host some of the biggest names in today’s music business. Besides, this land is also known for its rich artisanal as well as artistic background. What better place to let your inner child go out and play for a bit.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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