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Top discount websites in Barcelona

Top discount websites in Barcelona
Written by Paula


BarcelonaOfferTutti  is a web page where you can find a series of discounts for a variety of activities and services. The categories are Eating and Going Out, Health and Beauty, Sports and Activities, Leisure and Tickets, Services and Studies, Shopping and Travelling.

The page, which gathers offer from various different webs, has a service in which you can sign up to receive weekly discounts on topics that interest you.

Some examples of the discounts you can find at OfferTutti are: tickets for concerts and plays, tickets for museums like Museu de las Illusiones Ópticas, tickets for Museu Europeu de Arte Moderna, movie tickets, gym memberships, massages, snorkeling, sailing classes, veterinarian appointments, shopping   and tourism.


Atrápalo is a discount website with more than 12 years that focuses in leisure, offering deals on tickets, restaurants, activities, flights, hotels, trips, cruise ships and cars.

You can search for discounts by date, location and type of activity/trip/vehicle you are looking for.


BarcelonaOportunista is a different type of discount website where you can find thousands of coupons that you can download free of charge to use in almost 3000 establishments across Spain.

You can find discounts such as 3×2 at Dunkin Donuts, Large beer + Bowling, 2×1 Piercings, Baby’s Photo Session, Dog Grooming, haircuts, personal defense workshop, gym memberships, 10€ at Disney store, 5% discount at Toys’R’ Us, 20% discount at The Body Shop, among many others.

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