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Barcelona Room of Riddles: The great escape game

Written by Miguel

Oh, Barcelona. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? So much to see. You love walking around the city with a backpack, admiring the sights, feeling the sun on your face, breathing the fresh air… enjoying the freedom, watching the people go about their business. But what if instead… you were locked in a dark room with a group of people and a ticking clock, desperately looking for clues, solving complex enigmas so that you could find a key and escape… to see the sun again, to see the city again. Would you like that? Because that’s what Room of Riddles has to offer you – a live-action escape game in Barcelona.

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What is an escape room?

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Inspired by video games such as the seminal Myst (1993), escape rooms are quietly growing in popularity in business hub cities all over the world, mostly due to their team building properties. The setup is simple –  a group of players is locked inside a room that represents a fictional setting (like for instance an interrogation room, a space station or a train). There is only one key that will allow the group to escape, and to find it, they have to work together to investigate the room and solve puzzles, all within a time limit.

While escape games are popular company activities, they are also ideal for groups of friends, families, bachelor parties and even couples, since the minimum number of participants is two.

Room of Riddles

Address: Carrer de Salvador Espriu 61

Expanding on a franchise that originated in Amsterdam two years ago, Room of Riddles was the first escape room in Barcelona. They currently offer the game in two distinct settings, both with a one-hour time limit:

The Harbour Master (two rooms, max. six people each) – A naval-themed setting where the team’s goal is not only to escape, but to become the masters of the Barcelona Harbour in the process.

The Art Collector – Explore the mysterious studio of a successful art trader and find his final will.

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Prices and Booking

Photo by andercismo via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by andercismo via Visual hunt

The bigger the group, the smaller the price per person. A group of six people will pay only 13€ each on weekdays and 15€ on weekends. For more details, check the full price table on the company’s website, where you can also book your experience.

That’s it. Have you called your Barcelona friends yet? What are you waiting for? You get to be Houdini and Sherlock Holmes at the same time! Don’t forget to tell us all about your experience using the comment box below. Good luck in your escape room game and most of all, have fun!

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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