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Professional English speaking art classes in Barcelona

Written by Emma

Creative people from around the world are drawn to the culture and artistry of Barcelona. If you are one of these people or you wish to take a dip into the artistic community to explore and develop your skills, then there are 100s of fantastic art classes to choose from. To make that choice easier, here’s a list of the highest quality professionally taught art classes in Barcelona.


Paint brushesTo learn or improve on tricky watercolour technique, why not take a guiding hand from a professional watercolour artists? Paul Raymonde offers intensive and personally tutored art classes at Plein air watercolour Barcelona, located near the center of Av. Diagonal. His classes hold a maximum of four, so there’s a real personal touch to his lessons and all your strengths and weaknesses will be noticed and improved upon. You can choose between a simple day workshop or a week long course to really master this difficult form of painting – either way, all the materials you require will be included in the price, so it’s perfect for beginners or for somebody that just wants to try something new. For the longer course you will come out with several different paintings increasing in skill level so you can physically see the progress Paul’s expertise has inspired in you. Above everything else, a simple lunch with wine is included with all excursions to rousingly beautiful spots in the city.

Life drawing

As one of the most quintessential art forms, capturing the subtle curves and emotions of the human form through life drawing is a skill not easily acquired. Daniel Scott art provides highly focused and professionally taught life drawing classes for every level of experience. If you’re a complete beginner you’ll start with perspective, measuring of proportions and other essential techniques to start you off on your creative quest. For those with more advanced skills, you will learn how to use a multitude of different materials and how to criticise and improve your own work. Daniel Scott works on visual demonstrations and personally considered directions and advice for each student on an individual basis. This course is a fair bit longer than the others mentioned here, lasting a full ten weeks to offer you extremely in-depth knowledge, opportunity and improvement. The first lesson is free so Daniel Scott art courses are worth a chance for anyone interested in enhancing their artistic repertoire.


CeramicsFor ceramics enthusiasts or for those wanting to give pottery a go, Eltorn Barcelona pottery studios is perfect for all. This studio offers fun day courses for beginners to have a try at creating something with their hands and having a bit of a laugh while doing so, but also conducts professional pottery classes and the opportunity for advanced students to rent studio time with materials included in the price. Eltorn Barcelona pottery covers everything you could want to learn about ceramics; from creating bowls and vases and using conventional glazes, to model making and enamel decoration.


Moving towards a less classical but equally as beautiful and taxing art form, Barcelona photographer offers the unique chance to indulge in a professionally taught photography course in one of the most photogenic cities in the world. With their studio located just outside of Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona Photographer teach condensed weekend photography courses with expertise in both portrait and advertising/corporate photography. If you’ve considered the pleasure of having a career in photography but haven’t been sure about taking that leap, this course will be perfect for you. Being a particularly appealing art form to many in the day and age, the weekend course is also great to have some fun, learn more about your photography abilities and to capture your own personal stunning shots of Barcelona. As a part of an eight-person class, the course will include day and night exploration of hands-on photography techniques, studio time with a model, focus on architectural photography, travel photography and Photoshop skills to name but a few. Completing this course will leave you with a much higher level of technique and understanding, helping you truly capture every aspect of beauty you wish to snap.

What’s your artistic specialty?

About the author


Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.


  • Hello I’m only in Barcelona until Friday. I’d love an oil or acrylic painting class.
    Any information on where I get this if you cannot provide it would be great thank you so much!

  • Dear Emma;
    I am a professional visual artist and teacher specializing in mixed media, inks and Japanese washi papers. I will be teaching this fall in southwest France and would like offer a weekend workshop in Barcelona Sat-Sun Nov 3-4, 2018. Do you have any suggestions for a studio space, artist or school who might be interested? My web-site;
    Many thanks in advance. I am a n English/ Français speaker

    • Hi Eman,
      Unfortunately I do not have information about dots mandal art. You might want to check different art classes to see if they have this on their programme now.

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