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Spanish and Catalan cuisine

Learn how to prepare some delicious panellets with “Cocina en”

Written by Adriana

In some regions in Spain such as Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Aragon they use to prepare these delicious sweets for November the 1st, All Saints or the Castañada fetsivity, as it’s commonly known, but are usually consumed during October and November. These small pieces of marzipan are a real treat for all who try them, not only for children, whom have a lot of fun cooking them in schools as part of the celebration. They eat them along with some chestnuts and sweet potatoes to get warm, and as an important part of the afternoon snack, but are usually quite expensive, so nothing better than learning how to prepare them yourself to save some money, right? The gastronomic website “Cocina en” brings us, as usual, the weekly recipe, and gives a 10% discount in the following courses if you come on behalf of ShBarcelona.

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500 gr. of “Marcona” almonds
400 gr. of sugar
Lemon zest
2 eggs
Depending on your choice: pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, coffee or coco


-Grind the Marcona almonds (or buy it already grinded) .
-Put the grinded almonds in a bowl.
-Add the sugar and lemon zest and mix everything well.
-Add an egg and stir until you get a soft texture.
-Add the next egg and stir it until the dough separates from the sides of the bowl.
-Make the dough into rolls of about 2.5 cm thick. Wrap them in plastic wrap and put in the freezer.
-They should be left in the freezer at least 12 hours for the sugar to be well integrated.
-After 12 hours, remove the dough from the freezer.
-Put the pine nuts that have been soaked for 1 hour in egg.
-Dip the marzipan in the egg.
-Put the pine nuts in your hand, and then put the marzipan on top of them and move everything to stick the pine nuts in the little ball of dough.
-Put the balls (panallets) into the preheated oven (240°C) for 8 minutes (to avoid them to get the bottom burnt you can put two baking sheets).
-To cover the marzipan with almonds, follow the same procedure than with the pine nuts.
-To cover the marzipan with coconut, place the marzipan into a bowl, add the coconut and mix. You can shape the marzipan into mushrooms.
-To cover the marzipan with hazelnuts, smash the marzipan balls with your finger and put a hazelnut in the middle.
-Brush the hazelnut, the pine nuts or the almonds with egg yolk.
-Sprinkle the sugar on top of the hazelnuts or the coconut ones, and put in the oven for about 10 min. You have to keep an eye on them before they get burnt!

Enjoy the panellets!

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