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What to do in Plaza Reial?

Written by Christine

Plaza Reial is one of the most emblematic and recognizable plazas in Barcelona, joining ranks with Plaza Espanya and Plaza Catalunya. Just off of Las Ramblas and located in the heart of the historical center of the city, this plaza has been an important place to meet and relax since the 19th century. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there are plenty of things to do and see in one of Barcelona’s favorite plazas.

Grab a drink

Photo by Spiterman via VisualHunt

Plaza Reial is filled with bars and restaurants where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink and the atmosphere. Start your days off with a hot cup of coffee and see the sun make is way over the city, or have a nice cold beer after a day full of sightseeing and walking around Barcelona’s Gothic neighborhood. Plaza Reial is an ideal place to meet and have a drink with friends due to its location, lively ambiance, and beautiful scenery.

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Enjoy a bite to eat

There are many restaurants to choose from in Plaza Reial that will give you a taste of some of Barcelona’s most-loved dishes. No trip to Barcelona is complete without trying paella, and Les Quinze Nits or MariscCo both serve up excellent examples of this Spanish favorite that consists of rice, seafood, and meat. For dinner, you can sample some tapas at Santa Mónica or Restaurant Tobogán, which both serve some of the best Spanish and Catalan dishes for visitors to try.

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Take some great pics

Photo by pedroarnal via VisualHunt

Plaza Reial is so iconic because it is one of the most beautiful plazas in Barcelona, and for many reasons. The bubbling fountain, shady palm trees, and amazing architecture and design make it a choice spot for many visitors to take pictures that will remind them of their trip to Barcelona for years to come. Snap some pics of the one-of-a-kind streetlamps that were designed by Barcelona’s beloved Antoni Gaudí, or take a picture seated in front of the fountain, which is a must in Plaza Reial.

Experience Barcelona after dark

Barcelona is known for its long nights and amazing nightlife, so it should come as no surprise that Plaza Reial is a spot that is known for those looking to let loose when the sun goes down. Grab a cocktail at Rei de Copes or Ocaña and then get ready to dance the night away at Karma, a great example of Barcelona’s discotecas. Plaza Reial is known as a great hang out on party nights like New Year’s Eve and Festa Mercè, so make sure that you are there to witness the fun and excitement firsthand!

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*Main photo by via VisualHunt

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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