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Sightseeing in Barcelona

districts in barcelona city - eixample with sagrada familia
Written by James

If you are planning on visiting Barcelona in the future, or have just arrived and are looking for places to visit then you will be delighted with the selection of sightseeing locations and landmarks in the city. The city is comprised of an eclectic collection of new and old constructions, and it is this vibrancy that gives the city its energetic character. This article will discuss some of the best-known places worth visiting, and will also discuss the best way to find inexpensive and appropriate Barcelona apartment suitable for renting while you’re there.

Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi is easily Spain’s most famous architect, and a large volume of his work can be found in Barcelona. Indeed, Gaudi’s designs are seen as a perfect representation of the modernist Catalan movement, and his beautiful buildings and parks are reflective of Spanish culture as a whole whilst remaining unique and distinctive. Gaudi’s most famous work is La Sagrada Familia, a massive cathedral still being worked on. La Sagrada Familia is easily Barcelona’s biggest tourist attraction and is a must see for all visitors. Gaudi also designed Park Guell, a stunning city park that offers passerby a brief relief from the hectic life of the city. The park is adorned with Gaudi’s trademark borderline surreal designs and flowing structures. His work sits next to exotic flowers and it is one of the most peaceful areas in the city.

The Tower of Collserola

The Tower of Collserola was designed by an English architect, Norma Foster, specifically for the Olympic Games in 1992. The Tower stands at an impressive 2000ft above Barcelona and is one of two communications towers considered to be symbols of the city. Visitors to the Tower of Collserola are treated to an incredible 360-degree view of the city and its surrounding areas. Readers interested in visiting the Tower of Collserola are advised to check the weather the day they wish to go there, as on a clear day it is possible to see up to 40 miles away.

Places to Stay in Barcelona

The most deciding factor of finding apartments to rent is the length of time you plan on staying there. Most rental agencies have specific rental times e.g. one or two weeks, but there are some companies that are flexible with such specifics. ShBarcelona is the leader in single month rentals, and they also have an excellent selection of properties for varied lengths, including a day, a week, a month and a year. ShBarcelona is also part of the Barcelona real estate market, and as a result, it has apartments and homes available to buy if you are considering doing so.

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