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Out of the box

Most original businesses in Barcelona

Written by Paula

There are hundreds of interesting places to visit in Barcelona, some more traditional, some completely unexpected. Here are our picks for the most original businesses in Barcelona.

MIBA – Museu d’idees i invents de Barcelona

original barcelonaWhat could be more original than a museum filled with creative inventions? Barcelona’s Ideas and Inventions Museum was created with the objective of promoting innovation and entrepreneurialism through creative inspiration.  The museum ‘s collection is divided into three areas: Limited Society, in which visitors can see inventions by several brands, technological centers and individuals; Reflexionarium, objects created by people with a completely different point of view; and Absurdity, which features some of the most insane and hilarious inventions ever created.

Miba is located at Carrer de la Ciutat, 7.

Sex Academy

Sex Academy Barcelona is a center created to educate the public in sex and sensuality matters in a fun, professional way. With a team of qualified sexologists and other industry professionals, Sex Academy Barcelona offers a variety of classes and activities for both sexes and various ages, like learning to write your own erotic novel, taking erotic photographs, taking seduction workshops and a variety of other classes that are meant to teach you how to have fun and enjoy sex with your partner.

Madame Chocolat

original barcelonaThe only steampunk store in Barcelona, Madame Chocolat is the ideal place to visit for those who are fans of the genre. There, visitors can find dresses, long and short skirts, ruffled shirts, gorgeous jackets, cool t-shirts, sexy and bad-ass corsets, and shoes. The store also offers other styles of clothing like Lolita, GothicPunk and Visual Kei, Fairy Kei & Harajuku, and Gyaru. Besides the clothes, Madame Chocolat sells Japanese books and magazines, makeup, socks and stockings, and a very interesting selection of hats and hair accessories, including the horns from the movie “Maleficent”.

Madame Chocolat is located at Carrer de Bailèn, 12, just off of Passeig de Sant Joan.

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