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Opium Barcelona With Frank Caro

Written by Allison

Opium Barcelona 1The first thing you’ll learn when visiting Barcelona is that like New York it is a city that doesn’t sleep. Its citizens not only love to eat and drink late but enjoy going out late as well. So don’t be too surprised to find that most of the nightclubs don’t get going until well after 2am. They then remain open until around 6. Now you can see why it is the Spanish love their siestas so much.

The most popular club

Opium is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona. Even if you aren’t someone who likes nightclubbing if you can a visit to this one is a must.

You’ll find Opium Barcelona situated in an area of the city known as Vila Olimpica. Although this is the location that diehard ravers and electronic music fans love to frequent it is a great place to go people watch.

Before you hit the dance floor why not relax and chill out. The seating area comprises huge white sofas on which you can recline, whilst at the same time enjoying the sounds from the clubs resident DJ.

As Opium is the only nightclub in Barcelona that is able to serve drinks until 6am it ensures that you are able to party until dawn. But if the music does get a little too much then head out on to one of the terraces. From here you then have direct access to the beach. What could be more enjoyable after a hard night clubbing to just sit down on the sand and watch the sun come up.

Throughout the year every Saturday Opium sessions take place. During these DJ’s from around the world including the likes of Frank Caro who considered to be an Opium top DJ take a turn on the decks. In fact throughout this year it seems like Frank Caro Barcelona 2015 is where everyone is going to be heading.

Opium Barcelona 2But along with being a favourite spot with locals it is also becoming a favourite spot with travellers from around the world. During this years musical festival 2015 the club will play an important role. It is going to be one of the main venues where international acts will play. So ensuring that each night you go there will be one you will never forget.

It may be loud and it may not get going until the early hours of the morning. Yet Opium Barcelona has become the place that people love to come back to time and time again.

For anyone who is looking for a venue that enables them to party all night long then Opium 2015 is the place to go. Even though they charge you €20 to enter it is a small price to pay for what will turn into a night like no other.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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