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Las Ramblas – The Heart of Barcelona

Written by James

When people come to look back on a visit to Barcelona, no matter how long or short it was, the picture that will always be called up in their imagination will be that of Las Ramblas. So today, ShBarcelona will give you some basic information on Las Ramblas.

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The street of Las Ramblas

Photo via Pixabay

It is very understandable that Las Ramblas leaves a lasting impression on people, because it is very much the heart of the city, a broadly avenued Boulevard which cuts its way through the center of Barcelona. At any time of the day and night Las Ramblas will be jam packed with people, depending on what time of the day or night you’ll find a different cross-section of the Barcelona population looking for something different to do. And despite all the glamour associated with Las Ramblas it’s worth remembering that the Boulevard is just over a kilometer long, running from the area of Port Vell to the south and Plaça Catalunya to the north of the city. If you decide to spend some time in Barcelona is nothing sure that you can get used to spending some of your time on Las Ramblas. Because it is such a central point in the day-to-day life of Barcelona, the city council have made it their business to restrict the flow of traffic flow in around the Boulevard, making for something of an oasis of calm in the center of a busy and bustling city.

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Photo via Pixabay

After the terrorist attack in August 2017, a lot has changed. Not only on Las Ramblas, but in the whole city. Anyone considering visiting Las Ramblas will find that the Metro service is unbeatable, with no less than by three stops along its 1.2-kilometer length. These stops are busy all day dispatching, people coming to the city center to work, to enjoy the nightlife or just drink in the atmosphere of the special city. However before getting settled in the city chances are you will be looking for a place to live. Yet finding an apartment in Barcelona should be as easy as taking a stroll down Las Ramblas on a pleasant summer day, if you place your trust in the professionals at ShBarcelona. No matter how specific your needs or how long you intend to stay, the team at ShBarcelona guarantee you will find an apartment that exactly suits you, from their wide selection of rental properties that are always on offer. You can be sure that thanks to the service of ShBarcelona, finding an apartment to rent in Barcelona is as easy and pleasant as taking a stroll down Las Ramblas.

What do you think about Las Ramblas? Should every tourist see this street at least once?

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