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Why it might pay to learn Catalan while living in Barcelona

Written by Damien

Anyone considering spending a reasonable amount of time living and working in Barcelona, many feel that they can get by with a few sentences in Spanish or any of them major European languages. And they may well be right, because Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and it is easy to make yourself understood.

However if you plan to take life in Barcelona seriously and want to understand more about the local customs or to operate any kind of business in the city, it may be a worthwhile investment to try pick up some Catalonian, which after all is the local dialect.

The truth is that supplied a large number of people are not aware that Catalonians have own language, what they don’t take into account that that there are more than nine million native Catalonian speakers, as many people as speak Danish.

Well it would be unreasonable to expect that a newcomer to the city of Barcelona could become fluent in Catalonian in a matter of months, but there’s no reason why someone who is serious about living in the city should be capable of making themselves understood as well as understand the language. Reading and writing can be a more difficult prospect but that can be left till later.

For those people who have decided to make the city their home, short term or long, before they can really start to drink in the culture, then their first step should be to rent a flat in Barcelona, even if it is a long term rental. Barcelona is such an exciting city to live and offers a lot of opportunities even more so now that economy in Spain is starting to improve. Irrespective of what language you speak you’ll find the staff at ShBarcelona friendly and competent and with a wide choice of apartments always on offer to suit your taste and your budget.

With that problem solved the next stage will begin to really enjoy the city and all that it has to offer. Learning Catalonian will not only be an interesting experience but also attached to get to know other people, more than likely also newcomers to the city, who want to embrace this ancient dialect. Anyone who has a one-time or another has had the chance to rent a Latin rooted language who takes up the challenge to learn Catalonian will soon discover fairly strong similarities.

Anyone learning Catalonian as soon as they have a few sentences of the dialect under their belt should not be afraid or embarrassed to test their newly found skills amongst the locals. The chances are that the reaction they will receive will be very warm, as residents of Barcelona and the entire Catalan region are warm and friendly people and seriously appreciate newcomers to the city who make an effort to try and learn something of the language as well as the Catalonian culture which is in itself very interesting and steeped in tradition.

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