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Helicopter flights in Catalonia

Written by Brian S

Get a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona and Catalonia itself, going beyond the city to what the entire region has inland up to the French border. There are several helicopter tours of the area that capture the mountainous range and the Mediterranean along the coast of this region that represents some of Spain’s beauty. Here are a few of these companies. Today in ShBarcelona we present an article about the helicopter flights in Barcelona, do not miss it!

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360 Skywalk

Montserrat, Mountains, Spain, Catalonia

Photo via Pixabay

It’s a 4-hour tour of Barcelona and its surrounding areas by strolling through the old Gothic Quarter, gliding the coastline on a Turkish Goleta, and – most excitingly – flying across the city and landscape by helicopter. On the ground and in the air, tourists can spot the hidden areas of the city, including Port Vell, Barceloneta, the Olympic Port, and the Olympic Village from these incredible views that no one can get anywhere else. They give these tours in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.


Flag, Catalan, Senyera, Waving

Photo via Pixabay

They have various tours of the entire area for private groups, individuals, and for professionals who need photography and filmed shots of the whole area with their fleet of helicopters. Get a panoramic view of the Catalan countryside all the way towards the towering Montserrat. They have been flying since 2004 and have the only permanent public heliport located within a city in Spain. Besides tours, they are known to work with special events, emergency services, surveying operations, and news media.

Barcelona Helicopters

Small stone chapel on the mountains of Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain stock photo

Photo via iStock

This company offers scenic rides over the city of Barcelona city, the Catalan countryside, and to Montserrat mountain. This goes past being only a simple visit, acting as a connection between Catalonia’s nature and culture that is many don’t realize exists. See the highest peak of Sant Jeroni, at 1,236 meters, and the unusual silhouette of the whole mountain range, nicknamed “sawed mountain” in Catalan. From a privileged viewpoint, visitors will be astonished of the entire view.

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Catalonia is not just about Barcelona. It is about the nature that surrounds it and the Mediterranean it is part of. Fly over the region on the helicopter tours, see everything at once from the comfort of being inside – and flying in a form that is much cozier than being a massive group of people on a bus. It is much more intimate and it truly shows a corner of Spain that defines Europe’s exterior as a whole beauty.

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