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The greatest 5-star hotels in Barcelona

Written by Tytti

Everyone living in Barcelona knows the iconic W hotel. It stands in the distance in Barceloneta, looking ultra-modern and dream-like. Have you ever thought of visiting or even spending a night in one of Barcelona’s many 5-star hotels?

lux2Maybe you are a tourist looking for high-end accommodation, or you may be someone entirely new to 5-star experiences – many luxury hotels have a lot to offer also in less obvious ways than bling bling. The greatest ones are held in high regard for a reason, and you do not need to be a certain type of a person or a millionaire to enter Barcelona’s fanciest buildings. If your wallet stretches only a little bit, for the price of a coffee at a magnificent rooftop bar (although a very high-end coffee) you can enjoy an escape from the everyday grind and experience the highest level of hotel design.

Barcelona has a few truly iconic 5-star hotels that are worth getting to know even if your interests are not entirely luxury-compatible. Some of the city’s top hotels are a delightful mix of considerate design, history and luxury, such as Casa Fuster and Majestic. You can access the rooftop bars of most 5-star hotels free of cost. Therefore, you do not need to buy 20€ drinks in order to see the views and in fact, it is very common for locals and tourists alike to visit these bars. The breathtaking views alone make the visit worthwhile.

lux3The ultimate symbol of modern luxury in Barcelona has to be the already mentioned W Hotel. The tall and modern creative space (this is a very “designed” hotel) has a bar at the top called Eclipse, and it is a true favourite among luxury or beach loving tourists and locals. The vibe is more nightclub than chilling out, and it is definitely more of a  party bar than a conservative one. W Hotel also hosts many events downstairs at the pool bar that are open to anyone looking for a bit of seaside time.

A way more traditional option, and much more classic in its appearance is the gracious Majestic Hotel. This is an integral part of Passeig de Gràcia with its welcoming, yet unmistakably high-class look. Get ready to feel like you arrived at a past era! The rooftop bar is more of a modern experience, and not to be missed by anyone who wants to see the best view in Barcelona.

About the author


Tytti is an online fashion store owner and freelance translator from Finland, who has lived in Barcelona on/off since 2009. She especially loves the sea, the cafeterias and the sun of Barcelona.

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