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Hotels for a Beautiful Getaway in La Cerdanya

Written by Laura

The region of Cerdanya, located in the center of the Catalan Pyrenees mountains, is one of the most beautiful areas in Catalonia. This is a calm area full of lovely landscapes close to the city, offering as many possibilities for activities in the winter as in the summer. It is the perfect place for lovers of the mountains, adventure sports, natural areas, skiing and those who simply love to get out of the city and enjoy a day of relaxation. In recent years it has also turned into the hot zone for soccer players, artists and politicians that own a second home there. From the team at ShBarcelona, we want to recommend some hotels for an escape in La Cerdanya.

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Relax, disconnect and enjoy the scenery

Photo via VisualHunt

Puigcerdà, the capital of La Cerdanya, is the area of the region with the most action, with a beautiful commercial area and a good offering of opportunities for leisure and relaxation. If there’s one thing you can’t miss in Puigcerdà it’s the beautiful lake and, located right next to it, the Hotel del Lago at calle Doctor Poguillem, 7. This is an enchanting hotel surrounded by gardens and stunning views, where during the summer you can enjoy the outdoor pool and in the winter you can snuggle up in one of their fireplace-lit rooms. They also feature a spa with a pool and jacuzzi, where they offer different spa treatments. If you fancy skiing you can also get a room that comes with a ski pass. Outside the town of All, about 5 km from Bellver de Cerdanya and 10 km from Puigcerdà, you’ll find another enchanting hotel: Mas Ravetllat, located at Isòvol 17539 de La Cerdanya. At this farm built in 1593, the ancient structure has been remodeled into a small hotel with 10 rooms. The idea is that the guests can enjoy a sense of peaceful solitude and relax surrounded by the natural sights of the area. The surroundings of the hotel are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, four wheeling and more. You can also go skiing at La Masella and La Molina, or practice Nordic skiing at the estación de Guils Fontanera, or Guils Plumber Station.  

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Photo by Miquel Fabré via VisualHunt

A rural site that we can’t leave out is Cal Calsot, located at calle Tossal 2, on Montellà del Cadí. This is a rural touristic home, committed to sustainability and responsibility for the environment. The house is equipped with five beautiful rooms with natural light, wood floors, private bathrooms, floor heating and windows to the outdoors. The food they offer is all locally made and with certified ecological products. The inside couldn’t be more idyllic, being at the doors to the Parque Natural del Cadí-Moixeró where you can participate in ecotourism and all kinds of outdoor sports. In the alta Cerdanya located in Llívia you can find Set Terres, on calle Puigcerdà, 8. This mansion from 1772 has been marvelously redesigned and turned into a modern, comfortable “adults-only” zone, perfect for a relaxing trip away. The small town of Llívia is a must-see for everyone who is interested in cultural history; its cultural center has been declared an Area of National Interest, and you can practice all types of rural tourism in the surrounding areas.

*Main photo by jordidroj via VisualHunt 

Are you excited to visit the area of La Cerdanya?

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