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Furniture and unique objects in Espai Neukölln

Written by Adriana

This space came up as an idea from an argument between Federico and Alessia, two Italians, partners in life and now professionally while dining at the Neukölln district in Berlin. And the result could not be called otherwise. In this space on the 22 Basses de Sant Pere Street, you can find everything you need to decorate and furnish your home with unique objects and furniture, Soviet-inspired, and they say that at an affordable price. At last, you can have furniture not bought at Ikea and different from all your friends have. From ShBarcelona we invite you to know in depth this second-hand furniture store

How and when did the idea of opening this store came up?

FurnitureIt was March 2013 and my boyfriend and I were in Berlin spending the weekend. While having dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant at Neukölln district of the popular German capital, the idea came up. Well, it came up in the middle of a fight, that’s why we fight, right? We needed a change …

Who is behind Neukölln and what is your background?

Behind this are me and my boyfriend Federico. I take care of the store full time and Fede helps me when he can. I always worked in marketing departments of several multinational companies and he has worked in environmental consulting.

What can we find in Neukölln?

Furniture and decorative objects with a German style. Also, object and items made by local artists, from covers to illustrations.


Your proposal is fully opposite to the furniture in the Ikea style series, for example, what do you think of such multinationals? The “do-it-yourself” is coming back or it never was gone?

We believe that for a long time people thought only about their jobs, and so we have little time we developed big and cheap stores like Ikea. When the financial crisis came we changed the values, people wanted to do something more and that is why the DIY (do it yourself) is back again. We also like the idea of giving a second life to products that already have lived one, and have some history and soul. Furthermore, reusing and recycling is taking care of the environment. We also do this because we want to do something unique that cheap brands can’t offer.

Do you restore furniture or items on your store?

neukolln-3We try to buy items and furniture that are already ok to be used.

Where do you find Neukölln’s furniture?

It’s a secret … 😉

Why did you choose Barcelona as a city where open your business? How has your experience in Barcelona been as foreigners?

I have lived here for about 6 years and a half and I’ve always felt like home, so opening a business here was natural for me.

Any project or collaboration in the future that you can talk about?

So many things to talk about that we are going on vacation this summer to recharge energies and come back in September.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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