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The best beaches in Barcelona (and around)

Written by Adriana

There is a “false rumor” that the beaches of Barcelona are the worst of all Catalonia, that the water is full of floating wastes and in the sand you will not find more than cigarette butts and people. With this article I want to dispel some of these myths and encourage you to enjoy the coast of Barcelona and its surroundings.These last years the City Council of Barcelona has made real efforts to improve the quality of its beaches through civic campaigns aimed specifically at tourists but also at the native users and, in my opinion, they have done it well. By placing posters in the sand, pronouncing messages by PA in several languages, hygiene of the sand initiatives (as providing for free a cigarrette butts container) and regular and daily water cleaning boats, have increased satisfaction levels of users in a relevant way. Cease the flagellation and going away to beaches of other towns and learn to value what we have. To do this, here are some of the most recommended beaches, on the coast of Barcelona or in towns within half an hour away from the city:


barceloneta La Barceloneta: despite being the most popular beach because of its location near the city, it has a less “populous” area in front of the luxurious Hotel Wella, where you can place your towel without problems for almost all summer. It is the favorite beach for surfing and very cool people who comes to visit us and want to get away from the crowds.


mar bellaLa Mar Bella: if in addition to get tanned and swim on the beach you want to have fun in a gay-friendly ambient in which people of all ages show their body naked, come to this beach. It is a little bit further than Barceloneta but you will get here quicly with the subway.


san pol del marSant Pol de Mar: is about a half hour by train from Barcelona and if you decide to plant your umbrella in the sand, you can enjoy a peaceful beach day in this small but cozy beach with water almost always crystal clear. You’ll find a familiar atmosphere.


sitgesSitges: at this well-known population half an hour from Barcelona you can enjoy all kinds of beaches depending on your preferences: if you bet on the closest to the promenade you can enjoy the viewing of the usual muscular torsos of this town, but if you keep walking for a while the sand and the water will increasingly resembling the fabulous beaches of the Balearic Islands, for example.


Waikiki or Cala Fonda Beach

Waikiki or Cala Fonda (Altafulla-Tarragona) is the farthest from the above and is within the province of Tarragona, but is noteworthy for being one of the last remaining virgin beaches in Catalonia. You will have to reach it on foot after walking about 15 minutes, the nudism is permitted and its waters are excellent. A great pleasure!Make your own tour of the beaches of Barcelona (and around) this summer and stay at the best apartments in Barcelona while enjoying your holiday. You will find on ShBarcelona the best vacation rentals in Barcelona!

About the author


Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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