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Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona

Written by João Moura

The Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona is one of the numerous prestigious film festivals that occur in Barcelona all over the year. More than that, it is the most important Jewish-related film festival taking place in Europe. But the festival is proud to be a set for the open minded cinema, where movie lovers, in general, can have a time well spent and worth remembering.

In this festival, only the internationally acclaimed movies are showed. In fact, most of the films of the festival weren’t even released in Spain, so you can sense the importance and weight around the exhibitions of the festival.

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Dates of the festival

Photo by: Mira (on the wall) via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by: Mira (on the wall) via Visual Hunt

The 18th edition of the Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona starts on September 20, 2016, in Barcelona. Two of the festival’s films have already been screened in Girona in July.

All the dates can be known at the official site of the festival, as well as the program for the event.

What to see at the festival?

This film festival is a rare opportunity to know more about the universe of Jewish culture, creations, treasures, and history. The documentaries are worth of special attention but a lot of fiction films should mark the film festival as well.

In 2016 one of the big films to watch closely is “Mr. Gaga”, by Tomer Heymann, a film that captures the creations of Ohad Naharin, one of the most relevant choreographers in the world.

Photo by: lorenzog. via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by: lorenzog. via Visualhunt

In recent years, some of the best films that the festival displayed were the documentaries “Amos Oz – the nature of dreams” and “East Jerusalem / West Jerusalem”. In the fiction realm, “Chagall – Malevich” was a key piece, dwelling on the complex relation between the two great painters, as well as “Intimate Grammar”, a touching drama based on a novel by David Grossman.

Venues of the festival

There are two venues for the film screenings of this festival. One is the Filmoteca de Catalunya, at Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 9, and the other is Pl. Sant Felip Neri.

The Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona is a good example where the independent films are welcomed with enthusiasm in Barcelona. Another example is The Americana Film Fest.

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João Moura

João has been putting words in order on the internet for a decade. He fell in love with Barcelona on the first visit, in 2010, and he keeps coming back for more.

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