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Traditional festivals

Enjoy The Festive Spirit Of Barcelona

Written by Allison

Throughout the year there are lots of events and festivals taking place in Barcelona. However as well as various sports events in Barcelona and various music events taking place there are a number of trade shows in Barcelona taking place as well.

The kinds of events that you are likely to see taking place throughout the year even though Barcelona is a very modern city includes the following:

5th/6th January – Calvacada del Reis

This is when one of a number of Barcelona public holidays take place. The event is marked by the parade known as Calvacada del Reis (Cavalcade of the Three Kings) taking place. The parade commences at the lower entrance of Parc de la Ciutadella before then moving up along Carrer de Marques de l’Argentera before then running along Via Laietana. Along with the 3 kings who travelled to see Jesus in the stable the parade is made up of clowns, acrobats and elves.

23rd April – Dia de Sant Jordi

This is when the people of the city come together to celebrate the regions patron saint Sant Jordi (Saint George). Yes it is the same saint that the English have their patron saint and who is said to have slaid the dragon. Of all the Barcelona festivals that take place you will find that this is in fact one of the most colourful. The complete length of Las Ramblas is turned into one huge flower stall, where men are able to purchase a rose that they can then present to the woman they are fond of or who they love. However it is also a time when worm are meant to buy the man they love a book as this is the day when Spain’s legendary bard Miguel Cervantes died.

Barcelona F1May – Formula 1 Grand Prix

Most people when it comes to thinking of sports events in Barcelona automatically think of football. Yet every year the Circuit de Catalunya which is located at Montmelo just 20km from Barcelona plays host to one of the world’s most exciting forms of motorsport.

May/June – Primavera Sound Festival

Of all the music events in Barcelona that take place each year this is one of the most popular. Throughout the event which takes place in Parc del Forum a number of great indie and dance acts take to the stage. This is a real music lovers event and there often a number of shows on offer that visitors to the festival can get into for free. Plus along with the main shows in the Park there are also several concerts that take place in other public spaces as well as at various nightclubs.

Mid June To Early August – Festival del Grec

This is what is considered to be the most high brow of all Barcelona festivals and where scores of theatre, dance and music acts perform. The main location for the event of course is the city’s Grec Teatre (Greek Theatre) which was built in 1929 and is a replica of the ancient ampitheatre located in the Greek city of Epidauros.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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