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Education and Vocation: orientation to discover your way

Education and Vocation: Get help getting started on your next objective
Written by Enrique

Education is transcending from being a privilege to a necessity. From an overall perspective today’s society demands for higher degrees of education. Unfortunately, reality only allows a few members of any given population to attain the required resources for a higher education. Here in Barcelona, education has been able to keep its value and importance. For this reason, it is important to know that Barcelona offers educational as well as vocational conventions. These conventions enable people to become better informed on possibilities that may help improve their career.

Get Connected

Barcelona houses a wide array of workshops that grants aspiring professionals of any field access to the newest programs available. Events like these are important because they allow individuals to thoroughly seek a dream career. In these workshops individuals are bound to learn in better detail what exactly is necessary in order to achieve any desired goal. Whether it may be extending a degree or furthering any field of education, these workshops will allow individuals to see what program will suit their academic career the best.


Once a year, the Catalonia community in Barcelona hosts one of the biggest educational and vocational conventions. During this convention aspiring professionals will be able to learn more about programs that will allow them to reach their desired career. Here, students are treated like upcoming prospects with guidance from some of the best-in-the-field professionals.

Learn and Play

This once a year convention will be held in the Saló De L’Ensenyament from March 18th until March 25th, 2015. This convention will serve as a platform for orientation for upcoming students. The help provided for upcoming students during this convention is being sponsored by the departament de Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya as well as the portal Educaweb. This type of service is extremely helpful. Especially since students will be able to speak with counselors that will be able to track their career paths. For years, career planning has provided aspiring professionals of any field the ability to set up for success. This is a once a year opportunity to set realistic academic goals that will set any student on the right track.

What makes this convention unique is how extensive and well rounded it is. With four well diverse areas of learning students are able to obtain knowledge in almost any field. The multimedia area displays interactive demonstrations as well as activities that are relative to the field of technology. The área multimedia provides dynamic insight in the realm of virtual reality, digital photography amongst many more. The espai ciència offers hands-on workshops that demonstrate real life experiments. The purpose of such display is to encourage students to cultivate a sense of scientific fervor. This area also provides information for medical as well as other science driven disciplines.

Another area of interest is the salon de los idiomas. This area gives travel-hungry students information regarding exchange programs in foreign countries, an undisputable way to truly immerse oneself in another language. The last stop in the agenda is the aula de actividades. This area grants students the opportunity to discover some of the latest upcoming technology. Here, students are able to dive into the fields of robotics, game design and industrial development.

This once a year convention has been a major gateway for many students to become aware of possible careers that will help them create a more sustainable future. Don’t forget that throughout this March opportunities will once again be available to the public. This is the perfect chance to get inspired and work toward a better tomorrow.



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