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Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Written by Laura

One of the most beautiful parts of the Christmas season in many cities are the holiday markets that occur in December. Millions of lights, shining decorations, objects to add to the manger scene and Christmas trees all fill the plazas of different towns and cities to welcome in the holiday season that brings feelings of closeness, tenderness and childlike excitement for man, as well as a time of bittersweetness as we notice those who are no longer with us. In any case, the Christmas season offers up a variety of lovely activities in the midst of the simultaneous holiday craziness, and allows us to experience the more beautiful side of winter. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about the Christmas markets to be found in the Ciudad Condal.

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Markets for home Christmas decorations

Photo via Pixabay

Christmas markets are a deeply rooted holiday tradition throughout Europe, and Spain is no exception. In Barcelona and other nearby areas, there are markets organized each year in the main city plazas, selling Christmas decor items. Christmas trees, plants, special flowers such as poinsettias and Nativity scene figurines are just some of the things you can find at these markets. There are also the famous caganers, figures of defecating people who, due to their popularity, have evolved from the traditional farmer character figure into characters from Hollywood, TV stars, famous athletes and politicians. It’s not uncommon to see caganers of Messi, Pedro Sánchez and Puigdemont, for example. Another popular item at the Christmas markets are tree ornaments, small gifts, candles, Christmas linens, towels and cushion covers, sheets, shirts and pajamas. The holiday markets generally begin in the last days of November and last until December 25.

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Photo via Pixabay

The Fira de Santa Llúcia is an example of the great tradition of Christmas in Barcelona. This takes place every year in the Plaza de la Catedral, the heart of Barcelona. For the last 230 years this event has taken place in the same location, preserving the magic of the old holiday markets. Walking through the winding streets of the Gothic neighborhood leading to the main shopping zone at Plaza Catalunya and witnessing the Christmas magic is a wonderful activity all on its own. Another beautiful option is the Mercat de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia, a holiday market with a shorter history but the same sense of marvel as the Fira de Santa Llúcia. Here you can admire the Sagrada Familia, one of the most emblematic works of modern design in Catalonia. The last option we propose is one that is more innovative and highlights many of Catalan artisans in one place, the Barcelona Maritime Museum. This is a market full of beautiful items made by independent designers in the city, celebrated only on December 15 and 16. This is an excellent opportunity to buy unique artisanal products for Christmas gifts that people will surely love. If you want more information, you can visit their website.

Have you visited one of these Christmas markets in Barcelona? What did you think?

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