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Boat Cruises from Barcelona

Written by James

People are always looking for ways to make our holidays more exciting and more affordable at the same time, a boat cruise is a wonderful way to spend a holiday. Travel cost could be greatly reduced if you rented one of ShBarcelona’s holiday apartments and make use of public transport.

To reduce your travel costs even more you could rent a flat in Barcelona that will allow you to use cheaper flight options.

boatsYou can simply lock up your Barcelona rental, take a bus or taxi to the harbour and away you go. There are 8 cruise ports around Barcelona, you will find them at; Adossat Quay, World Trade Centre Quay and Port Vell. Use a port that is closest to your place of residence to reduce both travel times and transport fees.

The Costa, MSC and Norwegian cruise lines have Mediterranean boat cruises from Barcelona. Every cruise ship is unique but there are some standard features you will find on a cruise ship these include; salons, spas, swimming pools, games rooms, theatres, bars, lounges, disco’s, casinos, restaurants and more. The length of cruises can vary anything from 3 – 21 days, meaning you can take a long weekend and enjoy a well deserved break.

What is included in the price of a cruise?

The price of a cruise normally includes board, all meals (except at speciality restaurants), non- alcoholic drinks like tea, coffee and punch, free entry into shows, discos and other entertainment, children’s programmes, room service and more.

What is not covered by the cruise price?

boatsEven though you receive a lot of inclusive options in your cruise deal you need to budget extra for; excursions on shore, gratuities, alcoholic beverages, speciality restaurants, casino, parking at the port, spa treatments, mini-bar, souvenirs and photographs.

Your transport to the port, port taxes, visa expenses and airline tickets are also not included in the cost, but you will be able to find package deals that include the travel costs.

When you are looking for a short holiday away from Barcelona, a boat cruise is a great option. You will be able to; travel in style, visit new countries and you do not have to worry about cooking or making your bed.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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