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Out of the box

Barkcelona, a space only for pets

Written by Adriana

For many, having a pet is a life style and goes beyond an animal that you take a walk or to caress on the couch. A dog or cat should be a member of the family to be integrated in all the activities we do throughout our lives. The creators of this space, Mireia and Gemma, are such people and want to offer all those who live the relationship with their pet in the same way, a space in which the animals do not bother to other people while the owners are having a drink. This place is called Barkcelona, and you can visit it at 43 Aribau Street. Let’s meet them…

What is Barkcelona and how the idea of creating this space came up?

1496652_1468715253345818_3033323041803207115_nBarkcelona is a space designed for pets and their owners. The place where besides of having a good time with your dog you can have a coffee or a glass of wine, you can find top brands in animal clothing and accessories, canine and feline food and pastries. We have also beds and sofas for your furry friends and you’ll have the opportunity to wash your pet yourself or to get al appointment with the hairdresser. We offer an innovative day care service, the Guaudería, a space where your pet will enjoy while you work or go shopping.

The idea of our creating this space came after many discussions about that many of the products we liked could only be found online and that many pet services are missing such as day care services and self washing, or to the difficulty of finding premises in which you could be with our dogs.

Who is behind this project and what is your “story”?

Behind Barkcelona are Mireia Company and Gemma Celma two graduates in Communication Sciences that come from the publishing world with a long history in the commercial sector. The two owners are very fond of dogs and to follow this industry trends. We also have extensive experience in the world of animal protection and adoptions that we want to present and promote through our store, helping to find homes for abandoned animals.

What do you offer in Barkcelona? What can we expect to find?

BarkcelonaA friendly and professional service, the warmth of a meeting point in the center of Barcelona, the best selection of collars, leashes, beds, clothes, canine and feline pastries, food, hair salon, washing service, day care and related courses and workshops. But also much more… we will organize wine and gin tonic tastings where the owners can come with their dog. We also organize social events as hiking with their pets.

What kind of people usually go to Barkcelona and how was their reaction?

We are very happy with the reaction of the people, excited indeed. The people that come here are all kinds of people, all animal lovers, all with good vibes, all surprised to find a space to get around with their pet where you can have a coffee with them while they eat a cookie.

Do you think Barcelona is a city adapted to pets?

We believe we are in a time of change, the city council seems receptive to pets and their needs but we should go further. Allowing them going into bars and restaurants where you can have approved spaces for them to be released safely, there is a lot to be done.

10269558_1469132733304070_8931197310433984120_nHow has your experience of undertaking in Barcelona been? Have you had any help from the government or any institution?

We have used the services of Barcelona Activa but no aid from the authorities, it is hard to undertake, you need money, patience and energy… normally you have to spend all your money.

Can you tell us about Barkcelona future plans?

We are working on The Social Club Barkcelona which offer a very special service to our partners… and we can’t say anything else…

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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