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A Thriftster’s Guide to Barcelona

Written by Mario

When it comes to thrift shopping, there are a few obvious options in Barcelona as well as hidden alternatives. Perhaps the most obvious option for buying household goods, electronics, and other knick-knacks are the bazaars and Asian stores that you can find in most neighborhoods, offering items for just a few euros. Other options include buying goods online or at second-hand stores.

An App to Buy and Sell Everything


If you want to find a wide variety of options, a good place to start is wallapop. Using this app you can find everything from electronics to appliances and clothing and more. Although most items sold at Wallapop are second-hand, there are also new products available. Wallapop offers a handful of handy features: a display of visual results which you can click to see the details, many filters to choose from, and the setting of the radius of where the products are located.

Books and Media

Barcelona is a book friendly city. This becomes clear every year during fiesta de Sant Jordi where La Rambla and other streets are lined with book and rose sellers. Additionally, there are over 30 public libraries, where you can borrow books in Spanish, Catalan, French, English, and German. If you prefer to own your books there are plenty of bookstores to choose from in the city. One of particular interest is Re-Read, which offers used books in multiple languages. The pricing is extremely cheap: one book for 3€, two books for 5€, and five books for 10€. You can choose from seven convenient locations here.


Are you looking for inexpensive second-hand hand clothes? Humana is one option that could suit you. Their selection varies, yet tends to have a bit of a bigger selection for women. The clothing is sorted by color, which gives the store a nice rainbow effect. Most of the clothes offered can be bought for under 10€. Here you’ll find the location of their 16 stores.

Flea Markets

Flea MarketFor those who are looking for a new experience, there is one less traditional option: the flea market next to the Design Museum by Glories. The Mercat dels Encants is one of the oldest markets of Barcelona, hosting a dynamic flea market that happens during the weekend, where you can find anything from socks and pajamas to toys and records.

About the author


Mario is a multi-talented Swiss raised in NY, currently living in Barcelona. He is pursuing a career as a maker and tech educator, which merges his love of technology and education.

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