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Yoga Challenge Barcelona

Written by James

We now live in a world of over bearing technology, rushed lifestyles, coffee dependency, recession and depression. All this takes a heavy toll on our mental and physical well-being.
It stresses the body and mind in ways we are sometimes unaware of, and while it is important to achieve as much as you can in life it is also important to take the time to balance it out with relaxation.
Just to be clear, true relaxation means without the technology you depend on all day, so it doesn’t include watching the television or beating your high score on Angry Birds! We are talking about true relaxation where you open up your senses, let go of your worries, and be aware of yourself and your surroundings. There is no better way to achieve this than the practice of yoga, a means towards achieving a state of total and permanent peace.

During your ShBarcelona rental you have the opportunity to experience the power of yoga under the direction of Bilyana. She completed her Yoga teacher training in 2009 at Centered Yoga in Thailand, a country renowned for its relaxation practices. Since then, Bilyana has gone on to teach over 800 classes in English, Spanish and Bulgarian and teach in various respected yoga schools.

Yoga Challenge in Barcelona classes are available at different levels to cater for the newcomers, the more experienced and lessons of mixed levels suitable for all. Some classes can be in the beautiful and spiritual setting of Montjuïc, or maybe a designated room, or even in the summer months, they can be held in a park or on one of Barcelona’s beautiful city beaches.
With up to 5 classes per week at great prices averaging at 5 Euro or less and social get togethers from time to time, Yoga Challenge in Barcelona is much more than just an exercise in relaxation, it is a network of new friends and like-minded people.

The best you can be is not necessarily one that works 24/7 in a world of worry and stress, but one that can be successful in your achievements in a peaceful and happy way. So whether you have a short term rental or you are staying with us longer, take the time to relax and discover your inner peace with Yoga Challenge in Barcelona. The benefits can be felt right from the very first class as you walk away feeling calmer, stimulated and ready to live healthier in mind, body and spirit.

For further information on upcoming events or questions for Bilyana herself please use the following email address and links.

Mobile phone: 687 052 122

Bilyana’s yoga blog:

Yoga Challenge Barcelona Facebook group:

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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