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We interview Céline, a big yoga fan who lives in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Of all the trends increasingly extended towards a healthy life, practicing yoga is one of the preferred sports. More and more people of all ages and both genders, are more and more interested in yoga and how it benefits your body and mind: it improves your flexibility, it strengthens your muscles, it improves blood circulation, it increases your concentration and takes away stress, etc. From ShBarcelona we wants to go deep into this sport that harmonizes your body and mind through an interview to Céline Panizzi, a big yoga fan who lives in Barcelona.

When and how comes your passion for yoga?
For some time many people told me to try yoga because it is a very healthy discipline for both body and mind. At first I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy yoga at all and I wouldn’t get to be focused for such a long time because I’m a nervous person. Last year I changed my work place and at my new office they teach yoga twice a week. My new office mates told me that yoga classes were very cool and that the teacher was really good so I decided to give it a try. And I loved it! Since then I’m hooked and happy to practice yoga and I recommend it to everyone!

Why did you choose this “sport”?
I chose to practice yoga because it makes you work all your muscles and allows you to improve your flexibility and your posture. Since I practice yoga I have no muscle spasms in my back and I’ve won flexibility. In addition, yoga allows you to make a break in your daily and have peace of mind. It is very helpful. For an hour and a half you go blank and you are only focused in yourself. After a yoga class you are very relaxed and sleep tight. For me it’s my time of the week, which I dedicate to do an inner introspection. Yoga is also useful in your routine. For example, if you are running and you think you feel like you can’t keep going, you can get focused on your breath to stop thinking about how tired you are. This improves your life in general.

What type of yoga do you practice?
I do Hatha yoga

How often do you practice yoga?
I go once a week but that’s if way far of enough. I’d like to practice yoga at least twice or three times a week.

What place do you recommend for practicing yoga?
My teacher is from the Yoga Studio:

Why do you think yoga has become so “trendy” lately?
Yoga is not just a physical discipline, but also a life’s philosophy that helps you to balance the stress we are exposed in our routine and the fast rhythm of the modern society. I think that’s one reason why yoga is so popular. Also because people want to leave a healthy life and yoga allows you to take care of your body by stretching out to improve your athletic performance, and also to take care of your mind through relaxation exercises.

Do you have any recommendations for those who are a bit skeptical towards yoga practice?
Open your mind and try it once.

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