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Getting around

Uber in Barcelona

Uber Returns to Barcelona
Written by Olivia

When it comes to getting around, Barcelona is not short of different modes of transportation. There is the bus, the night bus, the metro, the tram, and of course, my personal favorite, bicing

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But what happens when you are out too late, can’t walk to a metro or can’t find a bus stop, and late night taxis are just too expensive? As an American, those are the moments when I wish that Uber was an option here in Barcelona.

Is there Uber in Barcelona?

However, after a seemingly unified global outrage amongst taxi drivers all around, it was hard to imagine that Uber will be able to resurface as the same company that is replacing the service of cab drivers worldwide.

uber t-shirt

Photo via Pixabay

Well, seek and you shall find, because after much controversy and dispute, Uber is on its way back to Barcelona, this time with some legal justice in respect to taxi drivers.

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Problems for Uber

Our neighbors in France recently fined Uber, an international success worth between almost 60 to 70 billion dollars, to pay 1,2 million euros to the National Taxi Cab Union because of failure to communicate the norms and regulations to their drivers.

France has had former problems with Uber, and have already had to get rid of their app, Uberpop, as there was a very fine line that was becoming blurred when it came to the legalities of this app.

This is when one begins to question, will the taxi industry become obsolete? Or will they just reform or even conform to the rules of Uber in order to maintain their monetary means?


Photo via Pixabay

New invention in Uber

Uber is putting up a good fight. With the latest invention and addition to their app, they will now have sensors that are able to track the speed at which their chauffeurs are driving.

Another question is, doesn’t the government, not just in Barcelona but as a collective unit of leadership, promote the eco-friendly idea of car-sharing?

There can be arguments raised in favor and against Uber, but ultimately it aids in the reduction of a chauffeured fare and consequently, emissions, by the promotion of sharing cars.

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Uber Eats

Not only does Uber offer car-share services, but this company is monopolizing the take-out and delivery industry as well.

uber eats

Photo via Pixabay

Uber Eats will deliver from only two restaurants at a time, and the consumers are only allowed to choose from two dishes and the set menu of the day at the restaurants according to El Pais.

OK, so not an entire monopoly, as their are restrictions and modifications, but people are actually making a livelihood off of this app. 

Either way, despite bans in Spain that were administered in 2014, Uber is back on the streets of Barcelona, just to deliver food as fast, secure, and efficiently as possible. The idea is that if Uber cannot transport passengers, why not keep them fat and happy?

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Have you used Uber’s services in Barcelona Spain before?
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About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.


  • In Barcelona already near to 11000 taxi available and also we have bus tram night bus and local trains and the population of Barcelona metropolitan is round about 2 million . So there,s no need uber in Barcelona because uber company have non professional driver and the driver of TAXI BARCELONA are professional because before appearing for taxi driver exam they have to go first language exam castellano and Catalan and then they also have to study for IMT exam for cab driver . Regarding fares I will like to tell you that taxi Barcelona is cheaper than taxi of Paris London Frankfurt Amsterdam Roma .
    So there no need of uber here in Barcelona .

  • Actualy mostily people don,t know how to use app application moslty aged people so ubar is solution pepblam for them…but one suggestion uber should start but with spacific timing …which is to need …

  • We need competition, my experience with Uber is very good. They have lovely cars, their drivers are smart with good manners. You know in advance how much they charge and you don’t need cash. On the other hand with the taxis if you don’t go far enough they don’t look very happy and make you feel uncomfortable.( tienen cara de vinagre).
    There is room for everyone and the taxis have to modernise themselves.

    • Hello Isabel,
      Thank you for your opinion and for sharing your experience with both Uber and regular taxis.
      Kind regards,

  • Hola buenos dias soy sabir mi gusta uber. Plezzzzz como back en uber Barcelona thanks

  • Über lisbonne et allieurs..c Parfait..Chauffeur avenant..voiture besoin de chercher .ou que vous soyez a n importe quelle heure ils vous trouvent .et en plus c moins cher..ou du moins vous savez ce que vous aller payer..alors que un taxi ..

  • Ordered a taxi from City center to airport with a fixed rate from Uber App. After getting in the car the driver informed the difference between T1vsT2, which the app showed the destination without description of terminal on the app. Driver asked for 10Euros extra to get to the correct terminal. Because of the distance. Be aware of the exact drop off location when you place the order— which the driver explained Uber was working on updating the app.

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