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The exciting room escape experience of “Habitación73”

Written by Adriana

Imagine you enter the hideout of a dangerous fugitive to collect evidence to prove his guilt but suddenly you are caught there and you have to figure out how to get out of this aliv … Stop imagining! The exciting project of Jordi Camino and Silvia Patiño gives you the opportunity to live it. Habitación73 is a escapsim game in which your craftiness and your mental agility will be the only thing useful to run away from there. The price is 40 euros per group (from 2 to 5 persons), ShBarcelona takes you on an adventure full of adrenaline and enigmas.

Tell us, what is Habitación73? Why that name?

habitacion73Room 73 is an escape game created for groups in which players must use their wits and different objects in order to go forward through the different rooms of a house. The story puts players in the home of a dangerous fugitive. The group will enter the house looking for incriminating clues in the murder but something will go wrong and they will be locked up. To escape from that situation they will have to solve all the riddles and puzzles to get away. Hence its name, as the murderer lived in the room number 73 (Habitación73) of a residential facility.

How did the idea of creating this kind of experience in Barcelona came up?

We knew about the existence of these games outside of Spain. We were able to try them in person once they arrived in Spain. Then we thought about being involved on this kind of project and give our own touch and taste when designing the game.

Who is behind this initiative and what is your career until you get here?

Juegos_de_escape_en_la_Habitaci_n_73_de_Barcelona-300x138I (Jordi) run Habitación73 with the help of a partner and relatives and friends who helped me so much in the daily work of preparation of the “room” and contributed with their own ideas and games. I always worked with the public but never in such a direct and enriching way. It is very gratifying to see players having fun that way.

What is the reaction of those who participate in this adventure? What kind of users are often involved in Habitación73?

The people like and enjoy the game and that make us very proud. There are two types of players, those that don’t know what are these kind of games and don’t know what is going to happen and those that already have some experience in this kind of games. People who don’t really know what kind of game is this are those who enjoy the most this experience because besides the game itself they are surprised by an unexpected type of activity.

habitacion73_juegosdeescapismoHow has the experience to undertake this business in Barcelona?

Amazing, It has been rewarding. I consider it a personal success and also the reception we’ve had it has been great.

And lastly, can you tell us something about the future of habitación73?

We are gradually improving the game. Designing a perfect game is impossible but if we hope people fully enjoy this experience. We are preparing a second level and we want to give a twist to the game.

About anecdotes we prefer not to reveal anything so players have no leads to follow when playing! We have so much fun with the people reactions, ideas and opinions. This is definitely the better of everything. For us it is a treat!

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