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The Comic Books Have Arrived

Written by Enrique

wallPassion for anime has reached the heart of Barcelona and it is beating harder than ever. Anime enthusiasts from all over the world are slowly integrating themselves with the community and infiltrating the norm with style grace. Though anime was not as popular as it is today a couple decades ago, this revolutionary way to convey some of the most breathtaking stories is slowly working to attain the heavy weight title. It was once though that this city had proven to have everything anyone could ever ask for, well at least until now. This April, Barcelona is re-hosting the biggest comic and anime convention that has ever been summoned.

Anime Is Here

This month comic lovers will be arriving to Plaza Espanya from all over the world to witness the 33rd International Barcelona Comic Convention. ADThis more than complete convention is held annually. This year the flock of comic lovers will unite under four different moons from 16th to the 19th of April. The convention will be located at the Fira Montjuic Exhibition Center. This location has proven to be one best for this event. Not only has I’t proven spacious but it has allowed room for some the darkest villains or brightest super heroes to make an appearance.

The main exhibition has been a triumph for over three decades. Thousands if not millions of classic or unreleased titles have circulated the different sections of the exhibition. The main spectacle will feature genres from heroic fantasy to gory science fiction. A truly unique component of the main exhibition is the fact that some sections will be divided by author. If more explanations are required, there is no need to fret. Because side by side scientific discussions will be led by Alvaro Pons, a notorious comic critic and physics professor at the University of Valencia.

Revisitng The Classics

This year the surprises will not disappoint. It has been rumored that exiting releases as well as reinvigorated classic titles will be appearing all throughout the event. The classic that is rumored to be included in the exhibition is Star Wars by Ramon F. Bachs. However, Conan the barbarian and the Fantastic 4 by Jack Kirby and John Byrne will also be found somewhere in this mythical attraction. This awesome exhibition will also include workshops and roundtable discussions with different authors from all over the world. Without a doubt this international attraction will once again prove to be a phenomenal success.


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