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The best cafes in Barcelona (second part)

Written by Adriana

A few months ago (in October of 2012) we listed some of the cafes that, in our opinion, serves the best coffee in Barcelona. Well, after this time it seems appropriate to update this information because, who does not like to enjoy a good coffee? Places in Barcelona, whether it is a cafe or a place selling roasted chickens, constantly open and close to meet the demand for the products in each area. There are neighborhoods that are in fashion and are filled with bars, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, as Sant Antoni right now, and there are others who are always a reference to local people but are not well known among foreign people. ShBarcelona‘s mission is to make them known so that they can be appreciated by all (always with respect for the local people, of course).

caelum2Caleum: this place’s located in the Gothic quarter of the city, selling sweets made by monks and nuns in monasteries across the country. You can also eat delicious teas to make the experience as close to the divine as possible, or buy them, take them home and enjoy every day of these wonderful creations.

Tarannà: this place is one of those who have appeared in recent years in Sant Antoni, the most trendy and hipster district of Barcelona. It has a simple but pretty décor and a terrace to get out to now that the warm weather is coming, they make excellent coffee and cakes, or you can have a beer when it gets dark.

coverCup & Cake: This place is located at Enrique Granados street and is well noticed when you pass by walking, so you make the promise to yourself that you will come back there. White walls and French-inspired defines Cup&Cake where you will find delicious coffees and, as the name suggests, the best cupcakes in town:  oreo cupcakes, kinder cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, everything you can imagine. And you can taste the homemade pies on their menu. Maybe a little expensive but the cupcakes worth it!

satans-coffeeSatan’s Coffee Corner: in this “corner” they serve the best coffee to take away (you can’t sit there except in the two stools that are stuck to the door) and they share space with a shop. What makes this coffee so special is the hand of its founder: Marcos, a young boy from La Rioja whose family has been dedicated to roast coffee in Logroño for generations. Perfect for coffee lovers, no doubt.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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