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Studying Visual Art in Barcelona

Written by Reuben Tasker

Though film production here isn’t as prolific as Tinseltown, there’s few European cities as organically cinematic as the Catalan capital. Providing the backdrop for films such as Volver, Rec. and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the city has earned its reputation as a charming host for visual art in its galleries, cinemas and creative spaces. Unsurprisingly then, Barcelona is a fruitful centre for studying visual art, cinema and film. With a handful of institutions teaching the ways of the silver screen to Barcelona’s populace, here are some essential picks of  where to learn up on film.

Bande a Part

Photo by SuperTogores via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by SuperTogores via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Bande à Part, a cinema school nestled in Eixample is an essential location to study cinema.  Translating to “Keeping to himself”, the school’s named after a 1946 Jean-Luc Goddard picture. In keeping with the subject, classes touch on film thinking, technique, technology and practice. The institute promises fruitful connections with those involved in the film industry, and through the school’s production company El Dedo en el Ojo (Catalan for “The Finger in the Eye”), you’re given the opportunity to produce your own feature. The institute also has outreach with film festivals local and international, strong links with film companies and opportunities to study intensively or day-to-day. Whether it’s Spanish or English, summer course or bachelor’s degree: Bande á Part is the school for cinephiles longing for Barcelona-based education in the spirit of film.


Photo by MA!LO via

Photo by MA!LO via

Those pining for a more rounded education in audiovisual media should look to ECIB: (Escuela de Cinema de Barcelona). Also located in Eixample, the school offers a more technical approach to being educated in film, with summer workshops and seminars in animation, cinematography and sound. Yet that’s only a sample of the possibilities in being educated at ECIB. The school offers the widest range of technical education in Catalunya, with classes in post-production, improvisational acting and film directing also featuring on the impressive roster. Running just over 20 years, the school has more recently launched 9Zeros, a programme that teaches 2D, CGI and stop-motion animation. Lauded as Europe’s best animation curriculum, it’s one of the many reasons you can trust ECIB for razor sharp tuition that should help those on the way to a career in cinema or a cursory summer learnup.

For filmic inspiration, drop by for a movie at Cinemes Méliès, one of Barcelona’s independent arthouse cinemas, or catch some of the beguiling visual installations at CCCB: Barcelona’s cultural centre. Hey, maybe it’s even time to rewatch Vicky Christina Barcelona.

About the author

Reuben Tasker

Reuben is a journalist working in Barcelona. He has written and edited content online and offline for over fours years.

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