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5 points to run well in Barcelona

Written by James

Even when visiting a city like Barcelona there are still plenty of places available when going for a run every day. But even though you may be away from home if you want to keep up to the standard you have already achieved then you need to keep the following in mind.

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Point 1 – Breathing

Photo via Pixabay

Remember the key to preventing you from becoming tired quickly is to make sure that you are getting enough oxygen. The only way that this can be achieved is through breathing more fully. When you breathe in more deeply, this causes more of the lungs air sacs to be used. As a result of this your body is able to take in more oxygen, which then provides more energy to your muscles. As you run remember to take slow deep breaths at all times.

Point 2 – Posture

As you run remember to make sure that you are looking ahead at all times, as this will help to take pressure off not only your back but also your neck. Also make sure that your shoulders remain loose and down. If however you notice that you are starting to hold your shoulders up then as you are running try to loosen them by just rotating your arms slightly. It is important to also make sure that you keep your hands as relaxed as possible when running. If your hands are clenched in to fists you’ll find that this causes tightness throughout your upper body and places strain on it and also the rest of your body.

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Point 3 – Energy

Photo by jikatu via / CC BY-SA

It is important when running to make sure that you keep your energy levels up. Make sure that the food you eat at least an hour before you go for a run contains plenty of lean protein along with some whole grains, both of which will help to keep your energy levels up whilst not actually increasing the levels of sugar in your blood.

Point 4 – Concentration

The best way to help you maintain concentration as you are running is to listen to some music. Ideally choose the kind of music that will help you to keep up the same pace throughout the time you are out running. You’ll often find that not only does it help you to maintain concentration but also prevents you from being distracted by what other people are doing who are out for a run as well.

Point 5 – Health

If you really want to ensure that you are getting the best even when out for a run in Barcelona make sure that you drink plenty of water. Not only will it help to ensure that you remain hydrated, but will also help to remove toxins from your body that can be preventing you from losing those extra pounds you’ve gained.

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