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Discover the Perfume Museum in Barcelona

Written by Dorothy

If you are a fragrance fanatic, or simply into discovering quirky places, there is a little treasure to be found tucked away on the glamorous Passeig de Gràcia. From the outside, it appears to be a normal perfume store, one of the many locations of the Regia perfume chain. But if you step inside and go past the store section, you will discover, situated along a narrow hallway, a Perfume Museum where you can peruse and marvel at the 5000 bottles of perfume on display, spanning the entire history of perfume which originates from a diverse array of cultures and civilizations.

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A fantastical world of fragrances

Photo via Pexels

Stepping into this fantastical world of fragrances, you will have the opportunity to see ancient bottles from prehistoric times, ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and of course, some modern bottles as well. All of them have been arranged meticulously and artfully according to century, material and civilization, giving you an aesthetically pleasing and intriguing insight into the role and importance of fragrance across ages and cultures. The Perfume Museum presents fragrance as much more than a smell or a brand, it portrays fragrance as an art form, telling us something about societies’ quest for creation.

The exhibit at the Perfume Museum starts in ancient times, going chronologically through different parts of the world. There, you will find perfume bottles made from ceramic, glass, porcelain, crystal and precious metals. In addition, the museum displays a wide collection of industrialized perfumery from its earliest production until today. You will find all of this and the most famous names in the perfume world, as well as some highly valuable and limited edition bottles.

Whether or not you are into perfume, this substance’s historical and artistic aspects will intrigue you. There are a couple of particularly impressive and noteworthy artifacts that history buffs will certainly appreciate, one being a perfume box belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette, with two fragrances resting inside. The other one is a bottle designed by Salvador Dali, called “Le Roy Soleil”.

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Your visit to the Perfume Museum

Photo via Pexels

The Perfume Museum is located inside the Regia store, at number 39 in Passeig de Gràcia.

The price of admission is 5€ for person or 3€, depending on your age.

The museum‘s working hours are from 10:30 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

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