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Leisure and Culture

Performing Arts in Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is one of the most exciting and invigorating cities in Europe and has a large selection of performance arts and exhibitions patrons can choose to attend. Indeed, at times it can seem a little overwhelming trying to decide which play or recital would be most worthwhile, and the sheer size of Barcelona could cause you to miss out on something special that might not be so well advertised. This article will examine some of the more popular performance art spaces that exist in the city, and will explain how to find apartments to rent in Barcelona.


Depending on your preference in the performing arts, one event or venue will likely be more appealing to your interests than the others. The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya is a very famous theatre located in Placa de les Arts, and although the venue primarily hosts drama it does showcase other performances including dance and music. La Ciutat del Teatre is regarded as one of the main areas for performing arts in Barcelona, and is situated at the base of Montjuic. La Ciutat del Teatre is actually made up of a number of venues including Mercat de les Flors and Teatre Lliure, which is housed in a former Palace of Agriculture. La Ciutat del Teatre hosts a large range of dramas, musicals and dance performances, and is very popular with tourists. This piece from has additional information on theatres in the city.


Opera is a one of the most loved performance arts in Spain, and Barcelona has a number of beautiful opera houses that are definitely worth checking out. Gran Teatre del Liceu is possibly Barcelona’s most famous opera house, and has seating for 2340 attendees. Palau Dalmases Opera Venue is another popular opera house and is situated quite near the Picasso Museum. Although smaller in size than the Gran Teatre del Liceu, this opera house is quite homely and contains an old bar perfect for quiet drinks before and after performances. Readers should note that it is forbidden to take pictures of the interior of the opera house. Further information can be found on the Barcelona Tourist Guide website.

Barcelona Apartments

There are plenty of apartments to rent in Barcelona, and a large selection of rental agencies to choose from. One such agency is ShBarcelona, who are leading the way in one month apartment rentals. ShBarcelona are an extremely successful company and have a large range of apartments to rent, including short and long term rentals in Barcelona. Regardless of how long you plan on staying in Barcelona for, the company will be able to rent you suitable accommodation in an area of your choice for very competitive prices.

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