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Our Tips To Find The Best Hotels In Barcelona

Our Tips To Find The Best Hotels In Barcelona
Written by Allison

When it comes to finding suitable hotels for your stay in Barcelona you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Just like other major cities throughout Spain here there are hotels to suit all budgets from inexpensive hotels to luxury five star ones suitable for short breaks or much longer stays in this amazing city.

However in order to find the best hotels in Barcelona or Catalonia then you may find the following tips of some use.

Tip 1 – Use A Guidebook

This is best place to begin your search for hotels for your visit to this city. Those who write for these books take their jobs very seriously and would have arranged city breaks to spend time enjoying the facilities of those hotels they review. As you look at the various guidebooks available make sure you select one where the writers travel philosophy matches your own. Also make sure you use the most current version of that guide book.

Tip 2 – Visit Hotel Websites

After reading through reviews in your guidebook and you find one of their Top 10s appeals to you then visit that hotels website. As well as learning more about what the hotel has to offer you can look at pictures of the rooms and also learn how much they charge. The great thing sometimes is that some hotels especially those that are part of a chain or is a business hotel will offer discounts to those who choose to book their accommodation through the website.

Tip 3 – Book Midweek

If you can try to book your accommodation so that you can stay there midweek. Often you’ll find that most people travel to Barcelona to enjoy what is on offer at the weekend and because demand at this time is so high so the hotels can charge more. However during the week they have plenty of rooms available and rather than leave them empty they prefer to charge less. Plus you may find that when it comes to organising short breaks for you and your partner sometimes booking just 3 weeks prior to your trip can save money as well.

barcelona zip code goticTip 4 – Read Other Travelers Reviews

There are plenty of places online where it is possible to read reviews left by fellow travelers about particular hotels you may be interested in staying at in Barcelona. Generally the kind of information provided in these reviews on sites like TripAdvisor tend to be a lot more reliable. However still a word of warning you shouldn’t trust everything that you read, and look to see whether any other reviews have been left on other sites including the hotels own one. Certainly most reputable hotels will have a page where you can read reviews or comments that clients have left.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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