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Otto Zutz Club Barcelona

Written by Maryanne Kamau

Barcelona’s nightlife is particularly popular among the young, who know that they do not have to wait for the weekend to have a god time. Otto Zutz Club is one of the many nightclubs that keeps Barcelona buzzing and lively during the night, all week long.

Otto Zutz is a large, modern nightclub situated in Gràcia, standing on a spot that used to be occupied by an old textile factory. The venue has been entertaining party-goers in Barcelona for years and has evolved into one of the top and trendiest nightclubs in the city.

Why Otto Zutz?

Photo via Unsplash

Otto Zutz Club gives its visitors the opportunity to dance the night away to the best Hip-Hop, R&B and other funky sounds. It is one of the few clubs in town where you will find a mix of different music genres to pick from. The club has 3 dance floors all of which have their own DJs and offer different scenes, ambiances, and music. The DJs at Otto Zutz are known to be experts in their genres. If you are looking to party all night, then Otto Zutz Club is the spot for you.

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For those who prefer to enjoy their night out in a classier, more private space with personalized treatment, Otto Zutz offers exclusive V.I.P. areas including in the famous Los Alto, an exclusive club lounge. Check out the club’s official website for V.I.P bookings.

Dress code

Keep it smart and elegant. For guys, dress shirts and closed shoes are recommended. For ladies, bring out your sexy heels and dresses.

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Photo via Pixabay

Opening days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Hours: 11:45 pm to 6:00 am

You can secure free entry to Otto Zutz or get discounts on drinks by signing up for their guest lists.

For more details on opening days and times, guest lists as well as the events line-up, check out the official Otto Zutz Facebook page.

How to get there?

Otto Zutz is located on Carrer Lincoln 15. To get there, you can take the green line (L3) of the metro and exit at Fontana.

Experience Otto Zutz and have an epic night in Barcelona!

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