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Night sports in Barcelona

Written by Paula

In this day and age where people work long hours in demanding, stressful jobs, it’s important to have some time to unwind. If you are feeling the pressure of your job and are looking for a way to disconnect after work, why not try some night sports in Barcelona? You will meet new people, exercise and get to know the city at night.

sports barcelona nightNight running 

For 30€ a month you can join a group of friendly people that get together to run around the city at different times of the day. Each group is composed by 10 people that will get together twice a week to run 60/75 minute routes.

Night Leds Paddle Surf

Surf House Barcelona is specialized in surfing and fitness activities. Friday nights you can try the unique experience of Paddle Surfing in the dark with boards that are equipped with led lights on the bottom.

The activity lasts one hour and costs 35€ per person.

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Prepare for a terrifying, suspense-filled night with Nightball , a nocturnal paintball game complete with a script and special effects. You and your friends are an assault squad lost in the woods. Your mission is to eliminate a zombie menace and keep the area safe. But will you be able to avoid getting infected?

Nightball is an activity offered by, costing 43€ per person.

Scuba Diving 

Acusub is a company that specializes in Scuba Diving activities and classes. The company offers nocturnal scuba diving lessons for people over 14 years old. 10 classes will cost you 200€.

sports barcelona nightRollerblading 

The Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona organizes free Rollerblading nights, in which enormous groups of people get together to rollerblade through the city. There are various different routes, each one lasting about 2 hours. To join this activity, you must be experienced in rollerblading, so you can brake, turn and avoid obstacles without help. Visit APB’s website for more information.

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