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Let’s go to the theater in Barcelona!

Written by Adriana

It is winter, it’s cold and rainy and and people look for things to do inside, rather than outside. When there’s no good movie to watch in the cinema or when you have watched all of them, but you don’t want to stay home, what do you do? From ShBarcelona we propose going to the theater as the best option and take the idea that is expensive out of your mind. There are many entertainment options within the theater,…so let’s go to the theater in Barcelona and take advantage of these deals! We have chosen plays that are priced from 14 euros to suit your budget. Check them out!

teatro barcelona“Constelaciones” in the Mercat de les Flors: this show is inspired by the work of Joan Miró, in the colors of his paintings, in his shapes and in his plastic, all reflected in movements of contemporary dance by Aracaladanza dance company specialized in the young audience. Constelaciones (“Constellations”) closes a trilogy of choreographies inspired by painters, which set in motion the static paints of artists to entertain, amuse and educate the public.

“Morgadeces” at the Teatro Borras: Ana Morgade was unveiled in the Andreu Buenafuente (a famous host in Spain) as the “funny co-host”, everybody laughed with her quick and sarcastic humor. This is shown on this stand up comedy play, based on with a hot issue: unemployment, the financial crisis, the boredom of people, etc. The view of Morgade is present all the time, which allow you laugh of your own disgrace and at a very affordable price.

cremats teatre“Cremats” at the Teatre Apolo: the 2nd of February this play is released at the Apollo Theater in Parallel Avenue directed by Roger Peña, and with a golden cast: Guillermo Toledo, Isaac Alcayde, Maife Gil and Tilda Espluga. If you feel like laughing of others lifes in order to have a good time, forgeting your own problems and focusing on others problems, this is your play.

fedra teatro barcelona“Fedra” in the Romea Theatre: This play is about the classic Greek myth of Phaedra, the desperate wife of the king of Athens, that confesses her love for her stepson Hippolytus and is dragged by a large guilt. This will lead her to a tragic fate. A story of passion by the celebrated Sergi Belbel and actors with extensive experience on stage and on screen.

“El rei Lear” at the Lliure de Montjuïc: is not an easy play to bring to the theater, but Lluis Pasqual has dared to do it and the actress Nuria Espert is the main character within the play. The king decides to divide his kingdom between his two sons and let his young daughter outside and this leads to a family catastrophe, but also political and cosmic. Actors of a great talent also perform in this play like Julio Manrique, Laura Conejero, Jordi Boixaderas, David Forests and Jordi Bosch.

“Polònia, el Musical” at the Teatre Poliorama: the television program Polònia move the political satire from  the small screen (television) to the stage of this historic theater in the Rambla de Barcelona. The musical begins when Artur Mas, the president of the Generalitat de Cataluña, put together all the politicians in a hotel to decide the future of Catalonia.

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