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Learn about primates with Fundació MONA

Written by Paula

Most of us have seen, at one time or another, an animal performing on television, movies or even in live shows. Though the end result may be amusing, the truth is that such behaviors are unnatural for the animals, sometimes causing them great physical and psychological damage. A lot of animals used for showbusiness and entertainment are kept in horrible and degrading conditions for years, until they are discovered by someone who cares and has the power to do something about it.

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fundacion monaThe story behind MONA Foundation’s starts as a sad one, but fortunately, it has a happy ending. The person who is today the foundation’s director was informed of the existence of 9 chimpanzees living in captivity, raised by a man who used them for showbusiness. The animals’ owner had contacted someone asking what to do with the “extra” chimpanzees, the ones that were not being booked for performances anymore.

The animals were found living inside the back of a truck, in mostly darkness, behind bars, a place where they had spent several years. All of the animals had some sort of physical or mental problem, developed due to living in such poor conditions and having had to perform for various entertainment events.

MONA Foundation was created to save these animals, having later expanded its facilities and team, in order to help more primates in similar situations, or those found living as household pets.

Fundació MONA offers these animals a new life of recovery with physical and psychological care in a group of their own kind.

Having lived in captivity, the primates cannot be returned completely to the wild, as they would very likely be rejected by groups of animals that have been formed for years. MONA Foundation works instead to offer the primates an enriched and natural environment in a group of their peers, with as little human contact as possible.

fundacion monaFundació MONA is happy to receive visits during the weekends, in order to educate visitors about their work and the importance of not having exotic animals as pets or a way to earn money.

MONA Foundation thanks everyone who wants to collaborate with a money donation, since they only have funds
to help a very small number of animals. The foundations receives hundreds of calls a year, informing them of animals who are in need of help, but their means are limited. You can help change that by making a donation, becoming a volunteer, recycling your mobile, “adopting” one of the animals in the center or even purchasing specific items from Amazon.

Fundació MONA is located in Girona, about 50 minutes away from Barcelona.

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