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Laboratori de lletres: Barcelona’s writing school

Laboratori de lletres: Barcelona’s writing school
Written by Paula

For everyone who is interested in writing but would like to further develop their skills, Llaboratori de lletres presents a collection of courses and tools that can help.

writing barcelonaWith a faculty of over 30 members, Llaboratori de lletres offers Catalan and Spanish classes for all sorts writing, like Escritura Creativa to help those who are starting to know the world of writing; Novela to help those who want to write a book; Cuento, which is open to all people who want to work on telling shorter stories; Narrativa Profesional, for those who have their mind set on becoming professional authors; Poesia for students who want to create the perfect verse; and Exploración Personal, for the people who are interested in expressing the inside with the help of words.

There are twenty four courses in total. Some courses are taught at Laboratori de lletres, at Carrer de Casp, while other courses can be taken online, which is the case for Quiero Publicar, for students who are almost ready to have their work sent to publishing houses, Escritura Científica, for those who want to communicate in a clear and concise manner, Relatos de Viaje, for those who want to do travel writing, Escritura Audiovisual, for those who want to write for cinema or television, and  Escritura de Recuerdos, for those who wish to write biographies.

Laboratori de lletres also offers one session classes called Imagina y Escribe, Imagine and Write, which are stand-alone sessions which happen every 3 to 4 weeks, directed at those who are starting to write and those want to start. This class is great for those who want to lose their fear of writing, who want to develop their creativity and who want to learn the basic narrative techniques.

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For those who are already experienced in the basic literary techniques and who have been writing for a while, the school has created a writing group. The groups have self-managed meetings in which they share their work with fellow group members and give and receive constructive criticism.

writing barcelonaBesides the classes, Laboratori de lletres offers a variety of services like academic work revisions, tutored sessions on orthography and grammar, translations, and mentoring.

Labotatori de Llletres works from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm in the mornings, and 4 pm to 8 pm in the afternoon. The school is located at Carrer de Casp 39, between Plaza Urquinaona and Plaza Tetuan.

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