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Improvise with BIG

Improvise with BIG
Written by Paula

Founded almost five years ago in February of 2011, BIG (Barcelona Improv Group) became one of the references in improvisational theatre in Barcelona.

improv barcelona comedyThe group is currently formed by twelve members from all over the world, like Severin Mahncke from Germany, Jeremie Day-Gilder from the United States, David Chevers from South Africa, Shervin Hejazi from England, and Stephanie Figueira from Canada.

BIG performs comedy shows every month in which they invite the audience to shout out suggestions that are used in a variety of improv comedy games. Costumes, silly voices, awkward situations, everything has a place in a BIG comedy show. And if you like getting in on the action, raise your hand when the actors invite someone from the audience to join them on stage.

The shows take place at Tinta Roja, in the lively neighborhood of Poble Sec.

BIG also organizes improv Jams, for anyone who wants to spend a fun evening playing improv games with nice people. Don’t worry, you don’t have to prepare material. Improv is all about reacting in the moment, so if the idea of going to an Improv Jam appeals to you, just show up and be willing to make a fool out of yourself. Participation on BIG’s Improv Jams is free, though they ask you to consume at least 2€ at Jam Circus (Carrer de Margarit 44).

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Learn Improv

BIG offers a number of Improv Classes that cover different areas of improvisation. The first level is called Foundations of Improvisation, an introductory class. The second level is Shortform Games Intensive, which helps students improve their improvisational skills. The third level is the Advanced Shortform, a class that solidifies the teachings of level one and two.

improv barcelona comedyBIG also offers Longform Improvisation classes, a type of avant-garde improvisation that is totally unpredictable, due to the fact that is not bound by the rules and scenarios used in Shortform. The Longform Improvisation classes are: Introduction to Longform Improvisation, Longform Form Study: The Living Room, and Longform Level 2: The Harold, which teaches students to create an entirely improvised play.

BIG also organizes something they call Great BIG Weekend, which only happens upon request. Those who hire BIG for the Great BIG Weekend spend a whole weekend of fun which includes classes and workshops, picnics, a barbeque, a tapas night and a two-night stay at a selected hotel.

If you want to join on BIG’s improve fun, visit the group’s official website.

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