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Districts of Barcelona

Discover the Gothic Quarters in Barcelona

Written by James

The barri gotic or Gothic quarters in Barcelona are one of the most famous neighborhoods in Barcelona and provides days of enjoyment to tourists and locals alike.

The neighborhood is located in the historic downtown district of Barcelona, Ciutat Vella, and its proximity to La Rambla contributes to its popularity.

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Barcelona and you are lucky enough to find something in this neighborhood, you will never lack for entertainment, great cuisine or vistas of architectural marvels. So let’s take a closer look at Barcelona’s Qothic Quarters.

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What are the Gothic Quarters in Barcelona?

The history of the Gothic Quarters in Barcelona

The history of the Gothic quarter lies squarely in the history of the city of Barcelona. Today Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia within Spain, yet has a rich history that dates all the way back to Roman times in the Middle Ages.

hanging bridge in gotico

Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona was founded as a Roman city during the Middle Ages, and the specific Gothic quarter has its roots in this original founding with Roman walls dating from that time period that are still standing today as part of the Barcelona Cathedral.

The Gothic quarter is literally the heart of the city and part of its founding origins.

Barcelona’s origin myths are subject to two different legends, one that states it is attributed to the mythological Hercules, the other which states it is linked to the father of Hannibal, naming the city Barcino after his family and the third century BC.

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This early history can be seen with the important Roman ruins uncovered in the Gothic quarter under the Plaça del Rei. As one of the most important cities in Spain the barri gotic is possibly the most historically significant part of Barcelona.

Modern Amenities in Gothic Barcelona

As part of the older district of Barcelona, its remarkable historical architecture provides small and winding streets and alleyways for the adventuresome tourist to discover.

Within these alleys and cordoned off streets that are devoid of vehicles many modern treasures await locals and tourists alike.

gothic quarters in barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

With all the meandering labyrinthine nature’s of this district it may take a while to get your bearings, but while you do, one of the best ways to enjoy the neighborhood is to always keep an eye on the sights above you.

With its many peaceful squares located throughout the neighborhood, stopping to enjoy a neighborhood café or restaurant while people watching is one of the highlights of this area.

Sitting for an espresso while enjoying the amazing climate, great culture, and spectacular architectural vistas can literally take up days of your vacation, so take enough time for it.

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Shopping in the Gothic Quarters

In this trendy neighborhood, there is also many local artisan shops, large shopping boutiques and trendy cuisine restaurants that can delight all of your senses.

Spending time in downtown Barcelona barri gotic can provide a fully immersed experience within the local Catalonian culture.

street in gotic

Photo via Pixabay

The Gothic Quarters and its nightlife

Experience it by delving into the ancient architecture of the remaining Roman ruins as well as modern marvels from Gaudi, or simply stroll through the meandering streets enjoying local cuisine and shopping until your heart’s content.

As night descends enjoying the nightlife that spills over from La Rambla can keep your heart pumping until the wee hours of the morning. 

Would you like to live in the Gothic district in Barcelona? Why yes or no?
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