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Where to begin with gin

Written by Karen
Photo credit: epicbeer via / CC BY

Photo credit: epicbeer via / CC BY

Long gone from being a drink only grandparents would order, gin is one of the most fashionable tipples around. The cool and crisp spirit, which has been around since the Middle Ages, has evolved over time from its use for medicinal purposes through to being a drink that’s in vogue today. And while the juniper berry is the common ingredient used in the many different brands of gin on offer, distinct differences can also be found based on the gin’s origin, style and flavour profiles. Common mixers for gin include soda or tonic water with a slice of lime, in addition to the classic cocktails of a martini or gin fizz. But the best place to begin with gin is to know what sets each brand apart. Read on to find out more about some of top gin brands including Beefeater London Dry, Bombay Sapphire and Hendrick’s.

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Beefeater London Dry

With its origins beginning in London, Beefeater London Dry is one of the world’s best-selling gins, distilled in a traditional way and served by bartenders to cocktail lovers in over 50 countries across the world. The gin’s claim to fame is its long-standing distilling method, with its original recipe still standing strong. Beefeater London Dry can be described to have a clean flavour, with a bold juniper character that’s balanced with strong citrus notes. It’s delicious enjoyed with tonic and a slice of lemon. Try it at Tandom Cocktail Bar, Aribau, 86.

Bombay Sapphire

From Hampshire in the United Kingdom, Bombay Sapphire is made up of ten botanicals that are boiled separately from the gin and infused afterwards using a vapour method (most other gins boil their botanicals in the gin itself). The ingredients used by Bombay Sapphire include lemon peel, grains of paradise, coriander, cubeb berries, orris root, almonds and cassia bark. The brand also prides itself on the selection of its gin foundation, the juniper berry, from the hills of Tuscany in Italy. Bombay Sapphire describes itself as a complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broad and balanced flavour. Enjoy a Bombay Sapphire gin tonic at Ideal Cocktail Bar, Carrer d’Aribau, 89.

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Photo credit: TheDeliciousLife via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: TheDeliciousLife via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Hendrick’s has its origins in Scotland with the Grant family distillery managed by seven sons and two daughters, with the only assistance from outside of the family being the occasional assistance from a stonemason. Taking a small approach to production, Hendrick’s distils in minuscule batches of 500 litres, which gives the master distiller greater control of the spirit. Its signature claim is the use of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from all over the world, which are designed to complement infusions of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers. Taste for yourself at Bitter Cocktail Bar, Carrer de Viladomat, 17.

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