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Driving schools in Eixample

Written by Paula

Don’t have a driver’s license? There s no time like the present! Barcelona has a number of driving schools that can help you learn how to drive, for very affordable prices.

Today we will focus on driving schools in Eixample.


driving school barcelonaOne of the main driving schools Barcelona is RACCwhere you can get different driver’s licenses, including licenses for professionals. The school offers online classes and an app, which allows students to contact teachers any time of the day. You can study the theory online at your own pace and perform tests through the app when you feel you are ready.

The school offers the students three driving classes but there are people that require more. You can opt for packs of classes, which will help you save a couple of euros.

Visit RAAC‘s website for more information.

Bel Air Autoescuela

Another acclaimed name in driving schools is Bel Air Autoescuela, which has a number of locations in Eixample. Consult Bel Air Autoescuela‘s website to check the map so that you can discover the school that is closer to you.

Autoescola Marte

driving school barcelonaThose who take driving lessons at Autoescola Marte only have good things to say about it. The head instructor is described as a friendly person who teaches with infinite patience. When grabbing the wheel for the first time, it is important to feel comfortable with the person sitting beside you. For this reason, Autoescola Marte is one of our favorite driving schools on the list.

Other options

There are a number os smaller driving schools in Eixample, like Autesculea Perfecto, Mitalo, Solar Azul, Master EC or Autoescuela Atracciò.

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